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OBSTA HI STI 110VAC up to 240VAC - 2 Pages

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OBSTA HI STI 110VAC up to 240VAC

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OBSTA HISTI 110 to 240 VAC The OBSTA HI STI is devoted to the marking of all kinds of obstacles such as buildings, airports, broadband towers, high voltage power poles. One model allow can cover every voltage from 110VAC up to 240VAC In intense electromagnetic fields ( radiant poles, multi directional radio antennas), it is recommended to use the OBSTA HI STIM code 13150. One-piece molded • perfectly waterproof • no grounding issue • all wiring configuration available • no rise from the ground potential (due to lightning for example) • increased reliability Neon light Power cable • 110 VAC up to 240 VAC • protected against transient overvoltages • alarm relay in case of lamp failure or low power MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OBSTA part number Luminous intensity Current consumption Nominal power Theorical lifetime (without any light decrease*) Power supply from 110 V eff. up to 240 V 50/60 Hz * with power supply stabilized OBSTA080911C - document could be modified without notice • 13 turns • hard glass cover and tube • «aviation » red color • very long life expectancy in all climatic environment • great light efficiency • luminosity substantially higher than what is recommended by ICAO

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LOW INTENSITY NEON ADDITIONAL FEATURES LIGHT INTENSITY DIAGRAM HISTI IP degree Operating temperature Power supply voltage 2 screws type M8 (provided) Thikness to screw into : 1 up to 5 mm On stripped wires (2 power wires, 2 alarm wires) SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS For chimney installation, install the light under the top (1.5 to 3m, 5 to 10ft), as per ICAO and FAA recommendations. For installation in intense electromagnetic fields, the use of shielded wire is highly recommended. OTHER FUNCTIONS - Failure remote signalization by relay (see diagram) Protection contre les surtensions Ep. à serrer : 1 à...

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