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NAVILITE B 220VAC - 2 Pages

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These lights are devoted to the night marking of all kinds of obstacles with a 230 VAC power supply. FAA L810 One-piece molded • Perfectly waterproof • no corrosion risk • lifetime 10 times higher than for incandescant lights • no rise from the ground potential (due to lightning for example) • increased reliability • bird spike Power supply • Modular design with separate power supply in a polycarbonate housing mounted on a stainless steel bracket • 230VAC power transformer providing galvanic isolation with the light MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OBSTA part number NAVILITE B 113939 Power supply Luminous intensity Electrical current Nominal power Theorical lifetime* OBSTA111002C - document could be modified without notice • Total of 192 diodes • 12 levels of 16 LEDS • LED wiring 4 by 4 in active redundancy • provide perfect support of the LED inclination angle • initial light intensity 3 times higher than requested by the standards • excellent heat dissipation

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LOW INTENSITY LED ADDITIONAL FEATURES Light intensity diagram 180 230 VAC (+/-10%) 0.92kg (excluding fixing bracket*) Weight (light + power supply) 1.79kg (excluding fixing bracket*) by screw M5 (provided) none Power supply Operating temperature * The weight of the fixing bracket is 0,75kg Dimensions (In mm) Fixing bracket OBSTA111002C - document could be modified without notice • Stainless steel mounting bracket - ref. 113920 • 230V power supply for one NAVILITE HI - ref.13911 (spare part) • NAVILITE HI 48VDC with 35 cm of molded cable - ref.113935 (spare part)

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