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Led obstaflash 180

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MEDIUM INTENSITY LED OBSTAFLASH 180° Obstruction lighting systems including 2, 3 or 4 LED OBSTAFLASH 180° dual color or red only medium intensity type especially designed for obstacle such as stacks, pylons, high rise building etc... The OBSTAFLASH LED complies with ICAO medium intensity type A+B/C and comply with FAA L864/L865. Flashhead • 3 led projectors • Aluminium and glass enveloppe • Connectors for dual color and glands for red only • Precise optic for optimal power consumption • All electronic deported in stainless cabinet Power cabinet MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Characteristics Dual color Effective intensity on site at 0° Beam spread * 360° with almost two beacons visible on each side of the obstacle OBSTA130801C - document could be modified without notice • Stainless enclosure • Surge protection • Test button for day and night,1 luminous indicator per led projector • Modular design, • Alarm contact, • Master/slave configuration for multiple cabinet • Connection of low intensity for intermediate level working at night only • Available with 2, 3 or 4 dual color flashheads

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MEDIUM INTENSITY ADDITIONAL FEATURES Sets composition Dual color obstruction lighting system type A+B/C (or white only) 2 to 4 flashheads with stainless junction box Interconnection cable between flashead and power cabinet * X : 2 to 4 dual color flashheads can be connected to on single power cabinet, to be specified at time order. Red only obstruction lighting system type B Interconnection cable between flashhead and power cabinet Power cabinet for 1 or 2 flashheads 113738M and 2 to 12 flashheads 113745 1 to 12 flashheads with stainless junction box * X : 2 to 12 red flashheads can be...

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