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BALISOR High-voltage lines are major hazards for low-fl ying aircraft. Placing beacons on pylons is not sufficient to ensure safety due to the very long spans of cable (extract of Aerodrom Design Manual chapter 14.7 annex 4). The BALISOR® system (created by OBSTA in the 60's) is a beacon for high voltage lines. Its conductors take the power required directly from the line. The system is , therefore, completely self-contained. Our standard model of BALISOR® fall into the ICAO low intensity category. The neon discharge offers : - inherent generation of «aviation» red light, - a very long life, essential to continuous operation of highvoltage lines. Cold neon discharge light • hard glass envelope and tube • “aviation” red light • very long lifetime, • excellent luminous efficiency • low power consumption Fixing accessories MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OBSTA part number Interference suppression Typical lifetime BALISOR lamp ref. 00616 B33 (for old model) Luminous intensity OBSTA080917A - document could be modified without notice •fixing accessory and capacitive elements in aluminium • flexible mounting - no rigid fixation • clamp adapted to the diameter of the cable • exists with glass insulators or silicon

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BALISORS ADDITIONAL FEATURES WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS (in mm) Verre Length of the drift depending on the voltage 40 35 Number of elements depending on voltage line 115 kV Shunt braid Simplified auxiliary holder Lampe holder Auxiliary tubing holder Auxiliary tubing Flexible connector OBSTA080917A - document could be modified without notice Unit weight

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