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Obelux Aviation Lights 2013

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ObeluX LED Aviation Obstruction Lights

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Content Applications Wind Power Airports Broadcast and Telecom Buildings and Cranes Power Plants Products Obstruction Lights (ICAO & FAA) Low-intensity Medium-intensity High-intensity Controllers and Monitoring Units Infra-Red (IR) Obstruction Lights Others Portable Obstruction Lights for Temporary Marking Solar Powered Obstruction Light Systems Fuel Cell Powered Obstruction Light Systems Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Obelux Aviation Obstruction Lights Obelux Aviation Obstruction Lights

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Wind Power Obelux aviation obstruction lights are particularly designed for meeting the needs of wind power industry. Obelux has paid an extra attention to meet the reliability, safety, and environmental requirements set by the industry. All Obelux lights are designed to minimize light pollution to the environment and neighbors by using state-of-theart Obelux lens optics. Obelux aviation lights are certified by different national laboratories such as STAC in France and BMVBS in Germany. In addition, lights are manufactured to fulfill specific national requirements all over the world. Obelux...

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Airports Obelux aviation lights are used at airports all over the world for marking measurement masts, airport fences, airport traffic control towers, buildings, and other obstacles at airports. Portable obstruction lights are designed for temporary marking due to their long autonomy operating time. Obelux infra-red (IR) aviation lights are fully compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) used in both civil and military flight operations. Obelux Aviation Obstruction Lights Obelux supplies complete product range for airports’ obstruction light marking needs Portable light units for...

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Broadcast and Telecom Obelux aviation lights are carefully designed listening needs and demands from end users such as broadcast and telecom operators and owners, mast and tower manufacturers, and service companies. Obelux lights are suitable for marking from a short telecom mast up to super tall broadcast tower. Obelux low-, medium-, and high-intensity lights meet both Day and Night marking requirements set by aviation authorities for warning lights on broadcast and telecom masts, all over the world. Mast’s and tower’s light systems can be controlled and monitored in many different ways,...

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Buildings and Cranes Obelux aviation lights are designed closely with building consultants, architects, and contractors, emphasizing also the unique design of all Obelux lights. Lights are suitable for all size of buildings, up to super tall skyscrapers. Lights are designed and tested to tolerate extreme weather conditions. Lights can operate as separate units or be integrated into the building’s own monitoring system. This offers freedom for the design of building’s obstruction light system. Obelux Aviation Obstruction Lights Unique design Meets architects and consultant requirements for...

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Power Plants Obelux aviation lights are used on chimneys, cooling towers, and pipes all over the world. Extremely long maintenance free operating time with low power consumption assures low total lifetime cost. Obelux aviation lights meet all requirements for both Day and Night marking required by civil aviation authorities. Obelux Aviation Obstruction Lights Provides long maintenance free operating time Extremely low power consumption Offers low total lifetime costs for the owner Obelux Aviation Obstruction Lights

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ICAO Type A (10cd) and Type B (32cd) | FAA L-810 ICAO Type A (20 000cd), Type B (2 000cd) and Type C (2 000cd) | FAA L-865, L-866, L-864, L-885 Low-intensity LED Obstruction Lights Medium-intensity LED Obstruction Lights Obelux medium-intensity aviation obstruction lights are fully compliant with civil aviation authority regulations. Medium-intensity lights for Night time marking deliver Red Steady or Red Flashing light. Low-intensity 10cd RED ICAO Type A Low-intensity 32cd RED ICAO Type B, FAA L-810 Obelux low-intensity aviation obstruction lights are fully compliant with civil aviation...

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ICAO Type A (200 000cd) and Type B (100 000cd) High-intensity LED Obstruction Lights Controller and Monitoring Units For Night Time Marking RED High-intensity 200 000cd WHITE ICAO Type A Obelux fault monitoring and flash controller unit (CSW) is designed for lowand medium-intensity Red aviation lights. The unit offers several of options including GPS synchronization, several flash modes, and fault signal in case of a malfunction. High-intensity 100 000cd WHITE ICAO Type B Obelux high-intensity aviation obstruction lights are fully compliant with civil aviation authority regulations....

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Infra-Red (IR) LED Obstruction Lights Portable Obstruction Lights for Temporary Marking Infra-Red (IR) Obstruction Lights Several Air Forces of different countries have noticed a safety threat regarding Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and traditional LED aviation obstruction lights. These traditional LED obstruction lights can be clearly visible to the naked eye but not visible to NVGs. Obelux has been a pioneer for developing state-of-the-art LED infra-red obstruction lights for meeting the needs of both military and civil flight operations. Obelux full NVG compatible infra-red lights are...

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Obelux Oy Kutomotie 6B FI-00380 Helsinki Finland www.obelux.com Technical information in this brochure is subject to change without notice. Copyright Obelux 2013 | OBELUX_aviation_lights_20130117.indd

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