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Nordisk Pallets

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Nordisk Pallets DURABLE BY DESIGN Nordisk is one of the ULD industry’s strongest brands, with a long and proud history of innovations. The first Nordisk pallets left the factory in Holmestrand in 1972 and right from the start Nordisk used its innovative power to drive the market forward and increase value to customers. The first Nordisk pallet had a sandwich construction and used the non-absorbent PVC honeycomb material Divinycelle. Another industry breakthrough was the new high strength 7021 alloy which was developed by Nordisk metallurgists in cooperation with Det Norske Veritas and Oslo Materialprøveanstalt. The hollow edge pallet introduced by Nordisk represented an industry breakthrough in weight reduction. Today our extensive range of standard pallets is manufactured in high volume on automated product lines, with several customising options. Since the turn of the century Nordisk has produced and supplied more than 180,000 pallets to the world market. NORDISK – DURABLE BY DESIGN

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STANDARD RANGE NAS3610 IATA base size Tare weight from Base dimentions NAS3610 IATA base size Tare weight from 3.3 mm pallet sheet Tare weight from 4.0 mm pallet sheet Base dimentions Forged insert corners in high strength alloy AA7021-T6 are made to withstand extreme impact loads without breaking On all 125 x 88/96 inch pallets (PAG, PMC and PAJ), sheets are clamped to edge rails with 45° chamfers and staggered rows of rivets, preventing early sheet dishing and ensuring extra-long service life Permanently bent rails can either be repaired by heat straightening or easily replaced by...

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IATA HEAVY DUTY PALLETS IATA class code NAS3610 class Base size Height Max. Gross weight Tare weight from Loading bearing limit For the heavy lift Nordisk’s Heavy Duty pallets are designed for durability. Lightweight core extrusions, in combination with top and bottom sheets, distribute loads evenly over a larger area. The pallets edge rails and top and bottom sheets are in high strength aluminium alloy, providing high impact resistance and long service life. AVAILABLE OPTIONS • Colour coded corner forgings and edge rails • Sandblasted or painted customer logo PMC-HD and PAG-HD For Formula...

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Brand your pallet Nordisk offers several ways of giving your pallet a strong identification. For instance, to discourage theft, customer identification can be metal stamped at various locations on the pallet. Alternatively pallet edge rails and/or corners can be anodized in your company’s logo colours. Another option that increases recognition is sandblasting the company logo onto the pallet sheet. PALLET WINGS Nordisk P/N Tare Weight per wing For use with Nordisk P/N Tare Weight per wing For use with PAG & PAJ, E/F contour, shelf    PMC , E/F contour, shelf The PKC is an ideal pallet for...

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