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TMS (Traffic Management Solution)

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Maximizes ROI of communications service providers (CSPs) Traffic Management Solution Solution Concept Traffic Management Solution(TMS) helps Communication Service Providers(CSPs) to increase network data usage, reduce CAPEX/OPEX and to generate new revenue streams for maximizing ROI. CSPs’ challenges Increasing Revenue/Reducing Cost Analytics CSPs’ benefits ARPU Increase CAPEX/OPEX Reduction Traffic reduction 30% Traffic volume increase 10% Additional Revenue Value-added services TMS stabilizes end-to-end communications as a mediator between a network and the Internet. MVNO Key Features 1. AGILITY: to dynamically and automatically configure suitable optimisation parameters in accordance with the latest traffic pattern while maintaining QoE* 2. VISIBILITY: to create the reports of Network Performance and the Effect of Optimization 3. ANALYSIS: to detect problematic points in network, diagnose and improve network status based on NEC’s expertise 4. SCALABILITY: to enable highly scalable configurations, from small deployments (~1Gbps) to larger deployments (a few Tbps), without affecting existing network equipment 5. CUSTOMIZATION: to flexibly customize the solution by adapting to the requirement of MNOs and MVNOs, each with different focuses and business models *QoE: Quality of Experience – represents a service quality that users e

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Traffic Management Solution Menu of Solutions NEC’s TMS offers 4 key solutions that can be provided separately or as a combined package, with each solution tailored to individual CSPs. Integrated Solutions that Combine (1) to (4) Basic solutions (1) Traffic volume increase (2) Traffic reduction (4) TMS Professional services  1. Traffic Volume Increase TMS optimizes TCP parameters dynamically based on network condition per subscriber for throughput acceleration to improve QoE. Low speed area TMS enables CSPs to reduce network equipment cost (CAPEX) and connection fee (OPEX) by using various...

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