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Smart city - 2 Pages

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Smart city
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NEC Smart City Solutions. CCOC as the “brain” of the city Cloud City Operations Center CCOC acts as the ‘brain’ of the city, able to “listen” and “comprehend” what is happening all over the city to thus make better decisions and provide the right information to its inhabitants NEC’s vision on Smart City A TRANSFORMATION TOOL FOR THE CITY Today all Smart City solutions are focused on resolving a specific issue, and hence related vertical solutions are implemented. However what the city really needs is a solution engineered to manage a multitude of evolving smart services whilst enhancing its inhabitants quality of life. NEC’s Cloud City Operations Center (CCOC) is a truly integrated solution designed to meet Smart City requirements in a flexible, efficient and economical manner.  Holistic approach NEC can provide a Holistic approach enabling an integrated solution to be deployed in an economical and efficient way. This is more effective than the current approach with Smart City projects where vertical solutions are developed by various actors in order to solve specific issues such as Traffic congestion, accessibility or healthcare… Human Transport ICT Energy  Smart City essential component The essential component is real time data. As a matter of fact, all cities hold a treasure trove of data which could potentially generate enormous value. The NEC platform, Cloud City Operations Center, acts as the “brain” of the city, monitoring and controlli

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CCOC acts as the 'brain' of the city, able to "listen" and "comprehend" what is happening all over the city to thus make better decisions and provide the right information to its inhabitants Nowadays more than half of the world's population lives in cities and this proportion is still increasing day by day. Smart technologies could help overcome some of the challenges that new urbanisation is bringing by helping to optimise resource consumption and improving services through a better management of demand and supply. Besides the development of smart services, the information analysis through bid...

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