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AI for the Network - 2 Pages

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AI for the Network
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Catalogue excerpts

Bringing AI Capabilities to the Communication Network NEC brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Communication Networks using novel Deep Learning algorithms that allow the efficient analysis of users data in real time. Manage customer retention © © HM Solving existing problems ■ Typical network operator objectives. Communications service providers (CSP) today are increasingly looked at as data pipes, where revenues are channeled over-the-top (OTT) players, and ARPU fails to grow as expected. NEC provides, secure, real-time, scalable analysis of streaming data at 10 Gbps using patented machine learning technology that addresses critical CSP challenges for increasing revenues (even when HTTPS is used, cookies are blocked, or when experiencing just mobile application traffic). NEC's analytics contribute to the growth of CSP revenue through use cases that include monetization via advertisements, customer retention management, game changing plans, and customer threat protection. ■ Using existing data. Net2Vec technology can use as input the data coming from existing sources: • Equipment logs. • Measurement proves. • User data. • DPI equipment. ■ Ready for the future. The system is ready for the growing percentage of HTTPS traffic. Moreover, it also analyses the request coming from mobile Apps, giving the operator a great advantage over other players. ■Be proactive. Net2Vec is able to identify when an user is thinking in moving to a different network company. It allows a proactive customer retention managing. ■ Protect your users. The identification of potential risks allows the operator to protect the users. Both, users infected by malware and users with a dangerous behavior can be identified. ■ Know your users needs. The user profiling identifies special needs allowing the operator to offer different tariff plans. ■Monetize your data. Participate in the Online Advertising Market with a great knowledge of the user interests.

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Net2Vec: AI for the Network Net2Vec uses revolutionary deep learning technologies to analyze data in an efficient manner. Highly efficient implementation  Evaluated on real-time HTTP(S) traffic. The efficient implementation of Net2Vec allows the real-time analysis of both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.  Novel Deep Learning algorithms Net2Vec is build over novel patented deep learning technologies that generate generalized models of the network data. It also takes into account the requests done by mobile Apps.  Scalable. Net2Vec architecture is highly parallelizable. It allows to analyze about 2Gbps...

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