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NDT Systems Worldwide Excellence in Ultrasonics High Performance Imaging Flaw Detector Applications • Flaw detection and thickness gauging in most materials • Corrosion mapping on pipes, tanks, vessels • A-, B-, C-scan imaging • Composite Inspection using thickness or amplitude flaw gates WELD TRIG Introduction Flaw detection is the process of identifying and sizing sub-surface defects in materials. One of the most common techniques to identify defects is ultrasonic inspection where sound waves, propagated through the material, are used to identify such anomalies. Flaw detection can be applied in almost any industry from composites and metals used in aerospace, to petrochemical oil and gas pipelines, storage tanks and power generation including nuclear power. The most common anomalies include cracks, voids and porosity in metals, ceramics and plastics in addition to delaminations and disbonds in composites. Imaging is the ability to generate a full-field results image, or mapping, of an area of interest. Manual or automated scanners generate easy to understand, C-scan images of the material and reduce inspection time dramatically. Three-in-One Instrument The Raptor is an all-in-one high-resolution thickness gauge, flaw detector and imaging flaw detector capable of driving a range of manual and automatic scanners. As a high-speed flaw detector, the Raptor is unique with its robust aluminum construction, class leading 5kHz PRF, spike or tuneable square wave pulser at 50V-450V and large 5.7” sun readable screen, as standard. Capable of operating in a frequency range from 0.5MHz to 30Mhz it can run single, dual, contact, angle, delay line and immersion transducers. Data storage is through an SD card for easy transfer and a field-replaceable Li-ion battery gives 8-10 hours longevity. The display can run in Splitview screen mode with auto-tracking of the echo and a simultaneous view of the B- or C-scan and the live A-trace. Dual gates, a 20 point DAC, peak echo hold, weld trig and many other features are all included as standard. MNOVA INSTRUME

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Advanced Imaging Capability The power of an image cannot be understated and can significantly speed up an inspection and help with interpretation. The Raptor is compatible with a range of manual and automatic scanners. The standard software can define the scan area, index resolution and speed and displays the resulting images live as they are generated. A full suite of software functions is included for further analysis of the results, including B-scan sections, 3D images, statistical tools for defect sizing and much more. The scanner can also be positioned back to any point of interest....

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