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NAVCANatm Product Brochure - 14 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The NAVCANsuite family of tower-automation products provides fast and reliable access to critical airport, tower and terminal air traffic control information. It is designed to innovate and simplify the air traffic controllers’ workstation. The NAVCANsuite features an integrated controller working position with up to four touch-screen monitors that provide NAVCANatm technology, including NAVCANstrips, NAVCANsitu, NAVCANinfo, NAVCANcontrol, NAVCANatis, and NAVCANvolmet. Tried and Tested This integrated solution has been developed and continuously proven in operational installations for more than...

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NAVCANsuite products include integrated systems used by tower, terminal and enroute air traffic controllers as listed below. The NAVCANsuite products operate seamlessly on a common architecture and include the following: A real-time tower, terminal, apron and enroute coordination system that permits controllers to manage electronic flight data online, using touch sensitive display screens instead of paper strips. Provides air traffic controllers with aircraft surveillance data and displays fused tracks on a situational display for enroute, terminal and ground control. Offers controllers several layers...

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Developed by controllers for controllers, our world-leading electronic flight-strip solution, NAVCANstrips (formerly EXCDS), provides what controllers need most: immediate access to key information and all critical functions. NAVCANstrips automates flight-data management. This advanced tower, terminal, apron and enroute coordination system allows controllers to manage electronic flight data online using touch-sensitive display screens. This eliminates the need for traditional paper flight strips; provides instant access to critical flight, airport and gate data tailored to each assigned role and...

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NAVCANsitu is an innovative radar display system that provides situational display for enroute, terminal and ground surveillance. Its high quality and cost-effectiveness make it ideal for both large and small facilities. Fully integrated with other NAVCANsuite products and easy to use, NAVCANsitu simplifies the controller’s workload. It combines fused track data with on-screen surveillance data from different instruments covering different locations, producing a seamless, accurate display of real-time surveillance coverage from ground to air. It also provides decision-support tools and data to...

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NAVCANinfo is a controller’s all-in-one solution for displaying operational data, providing safety-critical information in real time on a single configurable display. Fully integrated with other NAVCANsuite applications, NAVCANinfo efficiently displays weather conditions (in text and graphic formats), altimeter settings, navaid status, runway status, operations status and conditions, and reference information. NAVCANcontrol is an integrated component that handles airfield lighting status and control. The system is flexible, intuitive and easy to use. All information layouts and displays are customizable...

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NAVCANatis is designed to manage and transmit weather and routine information to arriving and departing aircraft at airports. For aircraft flying international routes, NAVCANvolmet transmits both weather information and safety advisories, such as warnings of volcanic ash in the atmosphere. The application supports two services: ATIS, the Automatic Terminal Information Service, which transmits automatic broadcasts to arriving and departing aircraft; and VOLMET, which provides in-flight meteorological information to pilots flying international routes. NAVCANatis and NAVCANvolmet automatically generate...

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Aviation is a collaborative effort, and collaborative decision-making requires all participants to have access to the same information at the same time. NAVCANlink supports collaboration by providing users, such as airport operations de-icing, operations staff and air carrier operations managers, with a near-real-time view of an airport’s radar, traffic, weather, airfield lighting and navaid status, and has a record and playback function for analysis. Features include: •• Airport graphic with dynamic display of arrivals, departures and ground movements. •• Meteorological data. •• Airfield gates,...

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NAV CANADA is Canada’s private sector civil air navigation services provider with operations coast to coast to coast, providing air traffic control, flight information, weather briefings, aeronautical information services, airport advisory services and electronic aids to navigation. NAVCANatm is a leading line of integrated air traffic management products, applications and services operationally deployed at over 80 sites worldwide for safe, efficient and cost-effective air traffic management. NAVCANatm 280 Hunt Club Road Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1C1 Canada

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