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200 W to 375 W DGPS Transmitter ATU Control (If ATU-LP used) Control available over a serial RS485 connection, Transmitter Local/Remote Control Including but not limited to: Control available using RSIM over a serial RS422 or Resistive Match Servo Inhibit Inductive Tune Servo Inhibit Increase/Decrease Resistive Match Increase/Decrease Inductive Tune ATU Monitor (If ATU-LP used) Monitoring available over a serial RS485 connection, 1,000 m (3,280 ft.) maximum. Operating Side (A/B) Transmitter Reset Automatic Side Switchover Enable Transmitter Power (On/Off) Power Source (AC/DC) Increase/Decrease RF Power Antenna Current Automatic Reset from Shutdown Resistive Match Servo Inhibited Inductive Tune Servo Inhibited Transmitter Local/Remote Monitor Including but not limited to: Resistive Match Limit Monitoring available using RSIM over a serial RS422 Inductive Tune Limit Local/Remote Set-up Mode ATU Temperature Fan Fail or RS232 connection Transmitter temperature Operating Side Status Main Side Selected Power Source (AC/DC) Interlock Open Monitor Failure Thresholds Local / Remote Adjustable threshold normally set so that Monitor Bypass changeover can occur if: • Carrier power reduces more than 3 dB • Carrier power increases more than 2 dB In current feedback mode (if used with Nautel’s ATU-LP), the output power automatically adapts to ensure a constant antenna current. As the output RF On Status VSWR Alarm MSK Input Alarm Low AC power level changes, the fault thresholds adjusts Memory Battery to reflect the new output power level. Essentially, when in current feedback mode, the fault thresholds are referenced to the preset antenna current. Shutdown Monitor Failure Programmable automatic reset available which can reset transmitter from shutdown after a predetermined time interval Fault location to the lowest replaceable unit Metering (Analog meter and digital display) Forward Power, Reflected Power, Antenna Current, DC Voltages, DC Current, VSWR, AC Voltage, Transmitter and ATU Temperature, PA Volts. Shipping Export packed in wooden crate All assemblies to remain in transmitter for shipment Designed for compliance to ISTA Procedure 1A/1B Options Dual Operation ATU-LP Extended warranty CSA inspection DGPS site control/monitor Battery charger USB 48V dc back-up operation for Vector D200/D375 24 V dc back-up operation for Vector D200 19" Deluxe Cabinet IP66 rated Cabi

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Vector D200/D375 200 W to 375 W DGPS  Transmitter TECHNICAL SUMMARY ISSUE 1.2 Harmonic Levels Altitude Not exceeding –70 dB relative to carrier when used in conjunction with an ATU-LP into a standard antenna load Continuous Carrier Power MTBF Transmitter Greater than or equal to 13,485 hours (VRD200) and 12670 hours (VRD375) for single configuration and 18370 hours (VRD200) and 17,700 (VR375) for dual configuration using MIL_HDBK 217E calculation methods Designed for compliance with EN60215:1996 Safety Requirements for Radio Transmitting Equipment Modulation Rates All are adjustable from...

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TECHNICAL SUMMARY ISSUE 1.1 Dimensions (optional 19" Deluxe Cabinet) Dimensions (optional IP66 Cabinet) (Includes side panels, rear door and output connector) 185.9 cm H x 58.6 cm W x 76.2 cm D (73.2 in. H x 23 in. W x 30 in. D) Dimensions (optional 19" Short Cabinet) (Includes side panels, rear door and output connector) 106.7 cm H x 58.6 cm W x 76.2 cm D (42 in. H x 23 in. W x 30 in. D) Weight (Unpacked) No Cabinet - 23.6 kg (52 lbs) In IP66 Cabinet - 39.0 kg (86 lbs) Weight (Packed) No Cabinet - 63.0 kg (137 lbs) Power Requirements Product Power Requirements single phase 90 V ac to 270 V...

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