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NRB4 Beacon Monitor Receiver and NLA/2 Active Loop Antenna 5 NRB4 Beacon Monitor Receiver and NLA/2 Active Loop Antenna Nautel’s NRB4 Beacon Monitor Receiver is a precision receiver for the off-air monitoring of the transmitted NDB signal. It is compliant with applicable FAA and ICAO requirements for the monitoring of low frequency NDBs. Nautel’s NLA/2 Active Ferrite Loop Antenna is used in conjunction with the NRB4. A versatile mounting bracket makes it easy to install on flat surfaces or on a 2.5 inch diameter, vertical pipe. Tuning is accomplished with easily adjustable links. 201 Target Industrial Circle Bangor, Maine 04401 USA • Highly stable DDS carrier frequency reference. • Stable IF crystal filter. • Local and remote carrier level, modulation level/loss and keying loss alarm indications. • Optional audible alarm. • Internal speaker. • Calibrated carrier level reference meter. • NLA/2 is easily field tuned using adjustable links. 10089 Peggy’s Cove Road Hackett’s Cove, NS B3Z 3J4 Canada Highlights include: international +1.902.823.3900 north america toll free nav@nautel.com www.nautelnav.com Issue 1.0/Feb/2015

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VR-Link Co-located with Vector NDB Remote PC (Not supplied by Nautel) Remote PC (Not supplied by Nautel) Modem (Optional) Wired/Wireless Internet Connection (Optional) Internet -And/Or- The Nautel Vector Series VR125 & VR250 are field proven, highly reliable, state of the art, solid-state non-directional radio beacon (NDB) transmitters. The ATU-LP is an automatic antenna tuning unit designed to match the impedance of the antenna to the 50 ohm output impedance of the VR125 or VR250 NDB transmitter. Highlights include: Highlights include: • 125 watts (VR125) or 250 watts (VR250), field...

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