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Thermal Process Technology - 84 Pages

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Thermal Process Technology
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Catalog excerpts

Thermal Process Technology Furnaces and Heat Treatment Plants for Annealing, Hardening, Tempering Forming, Preheating, Forging Heat Cleaning Vacuum Technology, Pyrolysis, Brazing MIM, CIM, Debinding, Sintering Additive Manufacturing, 3D-Printing Plastics, Rubber, Silicone Fiber Composites, GFRP, CFRP Medtech AMS 2750 E, NADCAP, CQI-9 Energy Efficiency Technology I Made I in www.nabertherm.com (Germany

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Made in Germany Nabertherm with 450 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to our complete inhouse production and our wide variety of standard furnaces. Setting Standards in Quality and Reliability Nabertherm does not only offer the widest range of standard...

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Hardening, Annealing Quenching Press Hardening    ■ Ageing Heating of sheet    ■ Austempering metals    ■ Diffusion annealing Preheating of molds    ■ Pack hardening ■ Recovery annealing ■ Coarse grain annealing Hardening    ■ Water Solution annealing    ■ Air Recrystallization annealing    ■    Polymer Stress-relieving Soft annealing t Bogie hearth furnaces page 44 in Air    under Protective Gases, Reaction Gases or in Vacuum Forced convection pit-type Hot-wall retort furnaces furnaces page 40    page 12 - 15 in Salt Bath I Salt-bath furnaces page 60 Bogie hearth furnaces gas-fired page 47 Chamber...

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Tempering, Annealing Tempering Precipitation annealing Ageing annealing Recovery annealing Tempering Plants Solution annealing Preheating Reduced hydrogen annealing Solution annealing Quenching Artificial ageing under Protective Gases, Reaction Gases or in Vacuum Chamber dryers Hot-wall retort furnaces Martempering furnaces Forced convection chamber furnaces > 560 liters page 26 Forced convection chamber furnaces with annealing box, page 25 Forced convection chamber furnaces < 675 liters page 24 Forced convection chamber furnaces with clean room technology, page 23 Forced convection chamber furnaces...

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Brazing/Soldering Curing, Tempering, Drying Soft soldering    ■ Dip brazing of steel Brazing    ■ Dip brazing of aluminum High-temperature brazing Composites Molds Adhesive Plastics Lacquers PTFE Silicone Surface Drying Preheating Vulcanizing Conditioning in Salt Bath I Salt-bath furnaces page 60 in Vacuum I Hot-wall retort furnaces page 12 - 15 under Protective Gases I Hot-wall retort furnaces page 12 - 15 Solvent Based    Water Based I Hot-wall retort furnaces page 12 - 15 Cold-wall retort furnaces Cold-wall retort furnaces    Chamber dryers    Forced convection Forced convection    Forced convection    Ovens chamber...

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Sintering & Debinding Debinding MIM CIM Sintering Thermal/Thermo-Chemical Processes Surface Treatment, Cleaning I Carburizing    ■ Deoxidizing under hydrogen    ■ Heat cleaning Blueing (e.g. with water steam)    ■ Pyrolysis    ■ Oxidizing in Powders I Hot-wall retort furnaces page 12 - 15 under Protective Gases, Reaction Gases I Hot-wall retort furnaces page 12 - 15 in Salt Bath I Salt-bath furnaces page 60 I Chamber furnaces NB .. CL, gas-fired page 52 under Protective Gases, Reaction Gases or in Vacuum I Hot-wall retort furnaces page 12 - 15 Cold-wall retort furnaces Cold-wall retort furnaces...

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Additive Manufacturing, 3D-Printing Additive manufacturing allows for the direct conversion of design construction files fully functional objects. With 3D-printing objects from metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, sand or other materials are built-up in layers until they have reached their final shape. Depending on the material, the layers are interconnected by means of a binder system or by laser technology. In most cases, these objects must be heat treated after printing. Nabertherm offers solutions from curing for conservation of the green strength up to vacuum furnaces in which the objects of...

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Plastics Tempering, Curing, Vulcanization and Degassing of Plastics, Rubber, Silicone, and Fiber Composite Materials Many plastics and fiber composite materials must be heat-treated for product improvement or to ensure that they have the required product properties. In most cases, chamber dryers or furnaces with air circulation are used for the respective process. The following examples outline the processes which these furnaces can perform. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) One application is the heat treatment of PTFE. This process can be used to improve the adhesive properties, the mixture hardness...

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Brazing, Forming The furnaces shown in this catalog can be used for various heat treatment processes. Nabertherm has developed interesting solutions for the processes described below as examples: Brazing In general, when speaking of brazing we have to distinguish between soft-soldering, brazing and high-temperature brazing. This involves a thermal process for forming substance-to-substance bonds and material coatings during which a liquid phase is generated by the melting of the solder. Based on their melting temperatures, the solder processes are classified as follows: Soft-solders: Tliq < 450 °C...

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Retort Furnaces Retort furnace VHT 500/22-GR H2 with CFC-process box and extension package for operation under hydrogen 11

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Hot-Wall Retort Furnaces up to 1100 °C Retort furnace NRA 25/06 with gas supply system Retort furnace NRA 150/09 with automatic gas injection and process control H3700 These gas tight retort furnaces are equipped with direct or indirect heating depending on temperature. They are perfectly suited for various heat treatment processes requiring a defined protective or a reaction gas atmosphere. These compact models can also be laid out for heat treatment under vacuum up to 600 °C. The furnace chamber consists of a gas tight retort with water cooling around the door to protect the special sealing....

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