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Foundry - 68 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Foundry Melting Holding Transporting Core Drying Thermal Decoring Dewaxing Heat Treatment Annealing Tempering Preheating Quenching Energy Efficiency Technology AMS 2750 E, NADCAP, CQI-9 ■ I in www.nabertherm.com    Germany

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Made in Germany Nabertherm with 400 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to our complete inhouse production and our wide variety of standard furnaces. Setting Standards in Quality and Reliability Nabertherm does not only offer the widest range of standard...

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Heat Treatment Holding, Transporting Gas-fired tilting furnaces Gas-fired bale-out furnaces Electrically heated    Electrically heated air bale-out furnaces    circulation chamber furnaces page 20    < 500 liters, page 32 Gas-fired tilting furnaces with recuperative burner page 14 Gas-fired bale-out furnaces with recuperative burner page 14 Transportable electrically heated bale-out furnaces page 21 Electrically heated or gas-fired air circulation chamber furnaces > 500 liters, page 34 Electrically heated tilting furnaces to 1400 °C page 18 Gas-fired tilting furnaces with recuperative burner page...

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Heat Treatment of Forms and Cast Pieces Dewaxing, Thermal Decoring t Pre-Heating, Drying Debinding, Sintering Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, Energy Efficiency Concepts t Gas-fired dewaxing furnaces page 49 Electrically heated dewaxing furnaces page 48 Electrically or gas-fired chamber dryers page 30 Chamber dryers, including safety technology according to EN 1539, page 46 Electrically heated air circulation chamber furnaces < 500 liters, page 32 Electrically heated or gas-fired air circulation chamber furnaces > 500 liters, page 34 t Electrically heated or gas-fired rotary hearth furnaces page...

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Alternative Melting Furnace Concepts Alternative Heating Technologies The application of alternative heating technologies depends on the requirements for melt quality, productivity and energy efficiency. In principle either electrically or gas-fired furnaces can be used. In this context, with respect to costs the local pricing for the alternative energy play a decisive role. Gas Heating Gas-fired furnaces are ideal for melting, particularly if equipped with exhaust gas discharge over the crucible edge. Side exhaust gas discharge is best if a high melt quality is required. However, a higher melt...

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Side Exhaust Gas Discharge a) without Recuperator Technology The side exhaust gas discharge is available for all fuel-fired crucible furnaces. Although the melting performance is not as high as with an exhaust gas discharge over the crucible edge, it provides for better melt quality and, in combination with a bath control, is highly recommended for holding operation. + High melt quality due to low burn-off and reduced hydrogen inclusions in the melt + Swing lid-reduction of power consumption up to 50 % during holding with a closed swing lid + Operator exposed to less heat in the area above the...

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Tilting Furnaces KB Gas-Fired, for Melting and Holding Melting furnace plant consisting of two furnaces KB 360/12 with one work platform The gas-fired or oil-heated tilting furnaces in the KB product lines provide for high melting output, making them ideal for melting operations. The use of high-quality insulation materials results in very low energy consumption. The two-stage burner can be configured for either gas or oil operation. Designed with an exhaust vent over the crucible edge, these models achieve very high melting rates and optimum energy efficiency. Hydraulic system with flame resistant...

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Multi-layered insulation with lightweight refractory bricks provide the furnace chamber lining, 1400 °C models come with an additional wear-and-tear layer made of copper-resistant refractory concrete Emergency outlet for safe discharge of the melt in case of a crucible break Exhaust gas discharge over the crucible edge, resulting in approx. 20 % more melting output compared to side exhaust discharge, design without swing lid Exhaust gas vent options see page 6 Over-temperature limiter for the furnace chamber with automatic reset to protect against over-temperature. The limit controller switches...

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Tilting Furnaces K (Brick Insulation) and KF (Fiber Insulation) Electrically Heated, for Melting and Holding The electrically heated tilting furnaces of the K and KF product lines are characterized by high melting performance with very temperature uniformity in the melt. Aluminum and brass can be melted in the 1200 °C version. The 1300 °C version can also be used to melt bronze alloys. For faster heating-up cycles in batch operation furnaces can be insulated with fiber resulting in lower heat storage (KF models). Side wall insulation with fiber materials in KF models Charging of transport ladle...

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3 x K 300/12 with work platform for melting of aluminum Additional equipment ■ Work platform for easy charging ■ Crucible breakage monitor with visual and audible signal (only for models K, KF ../12) ■ SMS-message to one or more mobile phones in case of crucible breakage. One or more furnaces can be connected to the messaging device in parallel ■ Bath control with thermocouples in the furnace chamber and in the melt. The furnace temperature is controlled through the melt. Temperature overshoots are reduced, thus the quality of the melt is improved ■ Heating system operated through thyristors in...

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Bale-Out Furnaces TB Gas-Fired, for Melting and Holding The gas-fired or oil-heated bale-out furnaces of the TB product lines provide for high melting output. The use of modern burner systems, optimized pressures and flame guide in the furnace as well as the processing of highquality insulation materials result in very low energy consumption. Thermocouple for melting bath control Emergency outlet for safe melt discharge in case of crucible break The TB ../12 models are largely used for melting and holding of aluminum and zinc alloys, for example in die-cast foundries. The side exhaust gas discharge...

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