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Arts & Crafts Kilns and Accessories Pottery Porcelain Painting Glass Painting Fusing Decorating Enamelling Raku I Made I in I Germany

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Made in Germany Nabertherm with 450 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to our complete inhouse production and our wide variety of standard furnaces. Setting Standards in Quality and Reliability Nabertherm does not only offer the widest range of...

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Chamber Kilns with Drawer Bottom or as a Bogie

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NW 150 - NW 1000/H The chamber kiln of NW model series combines the attractive quality advantages of the proven models N 150 - N 1000/H with an outstanding product characteristic which substantially simplifies charging. With a drawer mechanism (NW 150 - NW 300/H) the kiln table can be easily pulled out of the chamber kiln. The larger models NW 440 - NW 1000/H are designed as shuttle kiln with completely free traversing bogie. Free access in front of the chamber kiln allows for a simplified and clear charging the kiln. Dual shell housing, galvanized steel sheets Front made of textured...

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Chamber Kilns, Heated from Five Sides

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N 100 - N 2200/H First-class craftsmanship, professional design, long service life and excellent temperature uniformity – these are a few of the reasons our chamber kilns N 100 to N 2200/H are our best sellers to everyone looking for a professional kiln. These chamber kilns have proven their worth trough the years, firing porcelain, stoneware and annealing glass, also in case of tight setting and temperatures of up to 1340 °C. You will find these kilns in industry as well as in ceramic workshops, studios, clinics, schools and private homes – practically every place where a rugged, capable...

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Motor driven exhaust air flap from chamber kiln N 440 Type S thermocouple Residual drying function: Air inlet flap closes at a temperature which can be set in the controller for N 100.. -N 300.. Exhaust air outlet in the ceiling, motor driven exhaust air flap for chamber kilns N 440.. - N 2200.. Delivery incl. pipe connection for connecting an air outlet with 80 mm diameter for N 100.. - N 300.. SiC-floor plate protects floor elements and provides a level setting surface Base included in delivery (chamber kilns N 100.. - N 300..). Fixed base for larger models Comfortable charging height...

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Chamber Kilns, Heated from Two Sides N 40 E - N 100 E These models are designed as chamber kilns with widely opening swing door and can be charged easily and clearly. These kilns can be used for ceramics, glass or porcelain painting as well as for simple fusing jobs. Appeealing design and attractive prices are unbeatable arguments for these chamber kilns. Most chamber kilns are available from stock. ■ Tabletop model as standard with dual shell housing, galvanized steel sheets ■ Controller mounted on kiln door and removable for comfortable operation ■ Multi-layer insulation with light-weight...

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Chamber Kilns, Heated from Three Sides N 140 LE - N 500 E Heated from the left and right walls and floor and positioned at an ergonomic height, these chamber kilns are an economical solution for schools, kindergartens and other institutions. These kilns are ideal for operating temperatures of approx. 900 °C - 1300 °C. A dual shell housing provides for low outer temperatures. Firing profiles can be set comfortably at the controller mounted on the kiln door. Most chamber kilns are available from stock. Dual shell housing for cool outer surface Motor driven exhaust air flap for chamber kiln...

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Exhaust air outlet in the ceiling, motor driven exhaust air flap for chamber kiln N 500 E Delivery incl. pipe connection for connecting an air outlet with 80 mm diameter for N 140 E - N 280 E Delivery incl. 3 ceramic supports and lower shelve for safe stacking of the kiln furniture (models N 140 E-N 280 E) Delivery incl. SiC-bottom plate for even stacking of the kiln furniture (chamber kiln N 500 E) Delivery incl. base Comfortable charging height with base of 800 mm (chamber kiln N 500 E = 500 mm) Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions NTLog for Nabertherm...

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Standard Equipment Chamber Kilns Dual shell door with long-live sealing. Front made of attractive stainless steel (N 100 - N 2200/H, NW 150 NW 1000/H). SiC-floor plate protects floor elements and provides a level setting surface. Dual shell housing for low exterior temperatures. Side sheets made of galvanized steel. (N 100 - N 2200/H, NW 150 - NW 1000/H) Controller mounted on kiln door and removable for comfortable operation. Elements mounted on support tubes give free radiation of heat, longer element and wall life; optimized element positioning for excellent temperature uniformity...

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Additional Equipment Chamber Kilns Manual Zone Control (from model N 100) In combination with the bottom heating, the optional P470 controller can manually control a second heating zone. As usual, you set the firing profile on the controller. If you determine that the temperature uniformity has to be changed from top to bottom, you can easily adjust this ratio manually for the next firing. Motor Driven Air-Inlet Damper After the chemically bound water has been expelled from the ceramics during firing (max. 600 °C), the air-inlet damper on the kiln must be closed to prevent drafts and to...

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Top 16/R - Top 220 The perfect kiln for hobby and work shop! Attractive design, low weight and good firing results are only a few of the advantages of our top loaders. The small top loader Top 16/R is perfectly suited for glaze or sample firings. The bigger models are a good choice for home applications as well as for small schools or kindergartens. Most top loaders are available from stock. Housing made of textured stainless steel Controller mounted on the right side of the kiln with removable holder for comfortable operation Multiple layers of insulation for low exterior temperatures...

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