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Total Solution for Carbon Fiber Manufacturing - 15 Pages

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Total Solution for Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
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Catalog excerpts

Total Solution for Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

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MTORRES TOTAL SOLUTION FOR CARBON FIBER MANUFACTURING Torresfiberlayup Torreslayup Torresmill® and Torrestool® Torrespanex Torresdrill and Torrestool® Torrestool® Torressonic Flexible Drilling Head Special Projects On Composite Software The World’s Most Comprehensive Range of Solutions for High Productivity Composite Manufacturing Systems

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Total Solution for Carbon Fiber Manufacturing MTORRES has developed over the years the widest range of systems to automate, with the highest flexibility and productivity, the composite components manufacturing process. Ranging from Automatic Tape Laying and Fiber Placement Systems for lamination, Ultrasonic Cutting, Routing and Drilling with Flexible Tooling Machines for net trimming, Ultrasonic Inspection for non destructive test to Automated Assembly Jigs, MTORRES provides the most comprehensive, productive and well proven range of solutions. MTORRES strong Engineering and Project Management...

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Automatic Fiber Placement Machine The TORRESFIBERLAYUP is a machine designed to provide the highest productivity when it comes to fabricate high contour carbon fiber aircraft components, although a 2D for high speed flat lamination, providing huge scrap material savings is also available. adding system at full speed design concept allows the machine to cut, add and lay down consistently and accurate ly at 60 mpm (2,500 IPM), ensuring the highest productivity fiber placement solution available in the market. MTORRES TOTAL SOLUTION FOR CARBON FIBER MANUFACTURING OPTIONS ■ Automatic splicer ■ Automatic...

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Automatic Tape Layer Machine MTORRES TOTAL SOLUTION FOR CARBON FIBER MANUFACTURING OPTIONS ■ Scrap saving software (Multitape option only) ■ Mould scanning system ■ Laser contour marking OPTIONS ■ Ultrasonic cutting system ■ Multitape ■ Automatic defect detection system ■ Mould deviation compensation system ■ Automatic knife calibration ■ Automatic knife cleaning 'mini :.s The torreslayup is the leading Tape Layer reference in the Industry in both 2D and 3D working modes. Different machine architectures are available, Gantry, Column, Cantilever, robot, etc. working over a vacuum table, lay up...

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OPTIONS ■ Volumetric compensation system ■ Temperature controlled enclosure ■ Tool management ■ Automatic calibration OPTIONS ■ Laser based vision system ■ Photogrametry measuring system ■ Dry/wet machining ■ Temperature compensation TORRESMILL ANDTORRES 5 Axis Gantry/Column Routing and Drilling Machine With Flexible Tooling System The well proven sturdy and, torsion free gantry concept enables the machine to provide the maximum acceleration-deceleration at the highest feed rates. A high frequency spindle provides appropriate spindle revolutions for optimal cutting and maximum feed rates. torresmill®...

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· Automatic cutter orientation system · Cutter braking detector system OPTIONS · Automatic roll dispenser · Laser mapping system · Labelling system · Vacuum table · Conveyor table · Nesting Software Ultrasonic Composite Cutting Machine The lightweight, sturdy torsion free gantry concept enables the machine to provide maximum acceleration-deceleration at the highest feed rates. The TORRESPANEX can be built in 2D or 3D configurations. An ultrasonic cutting system provides the appropriate high frequency vibration capabilities for optimal cutting conditions and maximum feed rates. The machine may also...

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OPTIONS ■ Vision based measuring system ■ Pressure foot ■ Countersink depth control Wet/dry drilling ■ Environmental controlled enclosure TORRESDRILL AND TORRESTOOL® 5 Axis Gantry or Column Drilling and Countersinking Machine with Flexible Tooling System The well proven lightweight, sturdy and, torsion free gantry or column concept enables the machine to provide the maximum acceleration-deceleration at the highest feed rates, delivering the most demanding accuracy. A high frequency spindle provides appropriate spindle revolutions for optimal drilling and countersinking at maximum feed rates. torresdril...

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OPTIONS ■ Automatic repositioning software integrated with TORRESMILL® or TORRESLASER® ■ Multipart set up software ■ Absolute positioning system OPTIONS ■ Part automatic searching ■ Vacuum level control ■ Special attachments and cups to fixture complex surface components The torrestool® is a modular concept consisting on a number of carriages that move on the X-axis direction, with a number of supports per carriage, that move on the Y and on the Z axes under a computer program instructions. All supports rods move simulta neously in X, Y Z axes and are automatically locked in their final position....

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OPTIONS ■ Automatic end effector changer ■ Flexible part holding (Special TORRESTOOL®) OPTIONS ■ Automatic cleaning ■ Automatic defect evaluation ■ Non contact probing system ■ Defect marking system ■ Cartesian Axis machine ■ Robotic special cell water suction system Ultrasonic Inspection Machine The torressonic is a set of accurate, stiff and reliable mechanics, control electronics and software subsystems, working together to make an advanced ultrasonic unit to scan a part capturing data according to a defined strategy. mtorres integrates commercially available high added value inspection systems...

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Flexible Drilling Head [FDH] 5 Axis Crawling Drilling and Riveting Machine The FDH is a 5 interpolated axis drilling machine with modular design for easy system customization. Its principle is to ‘walk’ over the aircraft fuselage, holding on place by means of a set of vacuum cups. Once the FDH ‘walks’ to position, gets locked with the vacuum cups and is ready to perform the drilling/riveting operation. After drilling/riveting at the current area, the FDH walks one more step, by releasing the vacuum at half of the cups and moving them one step ahead, where it will lock them on place again getting...

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