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Total solution for automated assembly - 13 Pages

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Total solution for automated assembly
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Catalog excerpts

Total Solution for Aircraft Automatic Assembly Lines

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The World’s Most Comprehensive Range of Solutions for Aircraft Automatic Assembly Lines Turn Key Assembly Lines TPS.Tool positioning system Special Tooling & Moulds Moving Lines Flexible Drilling Head Software DD MTORRES TOTAL SOLUTION FOR AIRCRAFT AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY LINES

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Total Solution for Aircraft Automatic Assembly Lines mtorres has developed over the years the widest range of systems to automate, with the highest flexibility and productivity, the Assembly of aircraft components. Ranging from Wings and Wing Box forming systems, Wing integration systems, Fuselage Barrel forming solutions, Fuselages Sections Joining systems, to Moving Lines, Crawling Drilling and Riveting Systems, Moulds and Special Tooling, MTorres provides the most com prehensive, productive and well proven range of solutions. mtorres extremely powerful Engineering and Projet Manage ment capabilities...

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mtorres has developed and successfully implemented at the Aerospace Industry worldwide, after carefully listening customer requirements a number of turnkey assembly lines, using state of the art technology and equipment that assures the required degree of flexibility and productivity that the industry demands. mtorres provides a complete solution covering every project phase, from the concept develop ment to the Assembly Line Final Acceptance and production support. mtorres integrates at its jigs a wide range of technical solutions that goes, from the most simple assembly tooling to the highest and...

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Turn Key Assembly Lines It is a Full Turnkey Fuselage Assembly System that comprises the necessary equipment for manufacturing, the forward and rear fuselage, including the cargo and passenger doors. The complete project has been customized according to Customer needs in terms of performances and rate, to assure the final market demand being a scalable assembly lay out regulated under Lean directives capable of an easy implementation without existing manufacturing process disturbance. Different tooling concept has been applied to assure the highest performances following the manufacturing process...

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Torres positioning system ACCURATELY LOCATES AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS TO OBTAIN BEST FIT When it comes to positioning systems technology, mtorres is setting the pace. In terms of quality, design and sheer product innovation, we're passionate about giving customer nothing but the best. So when it cames to developing jig less range, we talked to some real experts, —our customer— and built the tps based on the results of that research. system designed to support measure and reposition the different parts involved at the final assembly position. FUSSELAGE INTEGRATION SYSTEMS The mtorres positioning system,...

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Torres positioning system HORIZONTAL STABILIZER INTEGRATION SYSTEMS Automated assembly system to integrate/form Horizontal Stabilizers and later works as integration of the formed Horizontal Stabilizer in the Tail Cone. Also all necessary material handling and transporting systems are part of the scope of work. Other technologie, such as drilling and riveting could be added to the cell automate further the process. All process and jig functionality are controlled from an operator control desk,ensuring the safety and the product quality. One fixed Laser Tracker unit is included providing data to...

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Special Tooling & Moulds • Eurofighter Typhoon DESIGNED FOR YOUR BUSINESS MTORRES designs and manufac- tures a variety of conventional tooling and equipment. The range of products in conventional tooling covers: • Layup tools • Trimming tools Composite molds • Material handling systems • Transport tools • Turning devices • Applied tools • Assembly fixtures But our aim and the most significant efforts are focused on lean manufacturing principles, providing savings and cost reductions over the years. Our commitment to support customers has kept us at the forefront of the technology for the aerospace...

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Moving lines Flexible and efficient planning with maximum performance MTORRES moving lines range has been designed to outperform in every aspect. From ergonomic design that makes maintenance easy to vastly performance, the mtorres concepts allows flexible and efficient floor planning and maximum return per square meter of floor space. MTORRES has developed and successfully implemented at the Aerospace Industry worldwide, a number of moving lines, using the state of the art technology and equipment that assures the required degree of flexibility and productivity that the industry demands, after...

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5 Axis Crawling Drilling and Riveting Machine The fdh is a 5 interpolated axis drilling machine with modular design for easy system customi zation. Its principle is to ‘walk' over the aircraft fuselage, holding on place by means of a set of vacuum cups. Once the fdh walks to position, gets locked with the vacuum cups and is ready to perform the drilling/ riveting operation. The fdh does not need any additional guiding system mechanically engaged to the Aircraft to walk on its fuselage, irrespective of its position, even upside down fdh is a 5 axes autonomous platform that carries the necessary...

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Software hmi applications are developed to create user friendly interfaces that allow the machine operator to execute complex manufacturing processes. mtorres hmi'S are specifically designed for each application providing the maximum flexibility and quick learning curve for operators. The range of hmi solutions include Process and Machine User Interfaces, in which all the station processes are sequenced and displayed graphically in the form of a workflow. These are the main features: • Process workflow. • Integrated management of data and tools: part programs, part measurements, tool measurements,...

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MTORRES DISEÑOS INDUSTRIALES SAU MTORRES DISEÑOS INDUSTRIALES SAU Torres de Elorz Navarra, Spain Getafe Madrid, Spain MTORRES DEUTSCHLAND GMBH MTorres Worldwide MTorres Sites Stade, Germany Spain NAVARRA China Japan MTORRES AMERICA Sao Jose Dos Campos Brazil MTORRES DISEÑOS INDUSTRIALES SAU Fuente Álamo Murcia, Spain United States 21520, 30th Drive SE, Suite 210 Bothell, Wa 98021 T +1 425 984 2700 F +1 425 984 2735 Germany Wolf-von-Baudissin-Weg 1 D-21684 Stade T +49 4141 939 940 F +49 4141 939 9429 Brazil R Bakhos Yossef Alwan, 84 Sala 3 Jardim das Industrias Sao Jose Dos Campos Sao Paulo T +55...

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