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IFD-microNET EFIS - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

IFD microNET EFIS product Datasheet IFD-microNET was designed to meet improved needs and requirements of basic and advanced modern aircraft. A high powerful computer system that over-samples all inertial and barometric data regardless of environment acceleration resolving attitude and movement information during normal or acrobatics maneuvers very accurately. IFD-microNET incorporates a basic GOTO-ADF navigation system completed with more than 8000 POI like Air fields, airports and IFR and VFR waypoints over all European territory. IFD-microNET is available in two versions in order to better meet the needs of our customers:   IFD microNET EFIS Base IFD microNET EFIS PLUS Standard 57mm diameter installation shape. Visibility up to 1000 cd/m². Low power consumption down to 2.3W (200mA @ 12Vdc). Ergonomic interface with three buttons. High integration level (all sensors embedded )*. Multi environment software with simple switch menu. Several functions in color/ graphic display: o Artificial horizon. o IAS. o Altimeter with settable REF Pressure. o VSI. o 3D Magnetic compass. o Slip indicator. o Turn coordinator. o GMeter with pick memories. o GPS navigation in ADF mode. o More than 8000 selectable POI in the internal Database. Units of measure are completely adjustable. M.A.V. AVIONIC DIVISION 250250 MANERBIO (BS) ITALY

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IFD microNET EFIS product Datasheet ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL SPECIFICATION:       Main power 10-30Vdc 200mA with internal filter and transitory protection Functional temperature range -20°C to 80°C 90% Rh no condensation status. 64mm x 64mm x 75mm (width, height, depth). 2 x 1/8 NPT Pitot and Static pneumatic connections. SMA female connectors for GPS passive antennas. Standard 9 SUB-D female connector for power and BUS connection MODELS FUNCTIONALITY: The product IFD-microNET EFIS are sold in two different configurations and the differences between the models are explained below.  IFD...

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IFD microNET EFIS product Datasheet REAR CONNECTORS VIEW AND DESCRIPTION: Power connector Expansion connectors PITOT inlet M.A.V. AVIONIC DIVISION 250250 MANERBIO (BS) ITALY STATIC inlet

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IFD microNET EFIS product Datasheet ENVIRONMENTS DESCRIPTION AND SCREENSHOTS: Compass Heading GPS Altitude Turn coordinator Primary Flight Display (PFD) contains avionic data concerning flight speed and aircraft attitude. In order to maximize frame clarity, it is possible to configure such data to display by setup tools. Gmeter Ref. pressure Vertical speed Slip indicator Limited to IFD-microNET EFIS PLUS model, pilots can select the AUXILIARY function among seven screens: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. GOTO ADF GYRO COMPASS ALTIMETER GAUGE VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR AIR SPEED INDICATOR G METER WITH PEAK MEMORY...

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IFD microNET EFIS product Datasheet ORDERING INFORMATION: IFD-microNET is available in two models. Because of a different internal electronic configuration, it isn’t possible to switch between the different models after final testing. Please select the model keeping in account your exact needs or speak to our technical department in regard to the correct functions to meet your aircraft configuration. Below you’ll find out ordering code for different versions of IFD-microNET EFIS and its optional tools/spare:     IFD-microNET EFIS BASE IFD-microNET EFIS PLUS GPS MAGNETIC AND ADESIVE ANTENNA...

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