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Brochure 2017
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Catalog excerpts

A FAMILY HISTORY It started with a dream. Inspired by his passion for aviation, 50 years ago Vittorio Magni imported the plans for a Bensen gyroplane from the United States and built what became the first gyro to fly in Italy. From those early experiments, he went on to develop a range of single-seat and two-seat aircraft with levels of performance, which gained international acclaim from the gyroplane world. Vittorio’s company, VPM, also worked as a partner for Italian aerospace giants like Agusta and Aera, producing components for their helicopters. In 1986 he licensed the Spanish company Cenemesa...

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RECORD-BREAKING GYROPLANES In recent years the quality, reliability and safety of Magni gyroplanes has enabled them to reach record-breaking levels of performance; the most exciting one being the world altitude record achieved in 2015 by Italian astrophysicist and pilot Donatella Ricci who flew a standard Magni M16 to an altitude of 8,399m (27,556ft). In 2016 pilots John Craparo and Dayton Dabbs won Gold and Silver medals respectively for their Magni M16s in the “Best Gyroplane” class at the annual “Airventure” show in Oshkosh, USA. The same year Dr Paul Salmon completed a record-breaking 3,500km...

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The M24 ORION is a fully-enclosed, side-by-side, two-seat dual control gyroplane, specifically designed for those who want to enjoy some luxury whilst having fun, whatever the weather. The interior of the M24 reflects the company’s design goal of delivering a high quality finish using the finest materials in elegant colour combinations with the highest possible level of attention to detail. The 82 litre fuel tank gives the capacity to fly for over 4 hours at a cruise speed of between 120 and 150 kph (75 to 95mph). The M22 VOYAGER is the perfect open-cockpit gyroplane – easy to fly, safe and stable...

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SKILLED VERSATILITY Magni Gyro manufactures its products with technical and design features making them highly versatile, easy to use, cost-effective and ideal for not only recreational activities, but also in professional and educational roles. The M16 Tandem Trainer gyroplane is the aircraft of choice for flying schools. The dual-control M16’s stability, dependability and confidence-inspiring handling make learning to fly an easy and enjoyable experience. The “Agrigyro” agricultural model is based on the Magni M16. It is equipped with a highly efficient delivery system capable of spraying strips...

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“Je présente également tous mes vœux au staff Magni, Vittorio, Pietro, Luca, et bien sur tous les membres de l’équipe qui contribuent à de belles et performantes machines avec lesquelles nous faisons environ 500h de vol par an.“ - Pascal Podogorska, France “You have really set a new high standard with this particular gyro. There is zero stick shake and it flies beautifully! Well done! “ - Jeff Blunt, Australia “Mucho se ha dicho sobre estos autogiros, pero yo, cada vez que aterrizo, doy las gracias al equipo Magni por haber diseñado una máquina tan maravillosa que me permite disfrutar tanto de...

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