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Individual High-Tech Solutions - 27 Pages

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Individual High-Tech Solutions
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Catalog excerpts

Familienunternehmen mit Tradition High Tech for the 21st Century. Mit Spitzentechnologie nachhaltig, unabhängig und diversifiziert »Support your customers’ success!

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We are specialists for electromagnetic actuator, sensor and valve technology. We develop individual high-tech solutions together with our customers from the sectors aerospace, automotive, electromechanics, h ­ ydraulics, medical technology, pneumatics and many more. As an independent family company in ­ he t 4th generation, we stand for experience, knowhow, sustainability and highest quality. With a wide vertical range of production and 2650 employees at our sites in Europe, the USA and China, we are your reliable and global partner ­ for your innovation today and in the future. Our key to success...

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Aerospace Automotive Electromechanics Hydraulics Medical Technology Individual Development Innovation Production MSM Quality Awards Philosophy Management Facts & Figures Solenoids Shotbolt Lock Units Rotary Solenoids Holding Magnets Vibrators Valve Solenoids Sensors Electronics Devices to ATEX, IECEx Quality    Magnet-Schultz Prefag Walzbachtal W.E. Schultz Schweiz Magnet-Schultz of America Magnet-Schultz China Magnet-Schultz UK Magnet-Schultz Italia Working at MSM School Cooperation Apprenticeship Studies Live and Work in the Allgaeu

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We are specialists for electromagnetic actuator and sensor technology. We develop and produce for our customers in industries with high standards of technology and quality. Our pro­ ucts d are manufactured as »custom design« and are used from the deep sea to the deep space, in road and rail vehicles, in commercial and construction machines as well as in passenger cars, in medical devices, in industrial environment and in explosive atmospheres. Since 1960, we have been optimising energetic efficiency and service life with sustainable usage of material and have offered holistic s ­ olutions for...

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Sensor aerospace A WX F 003 Sensor aerospace for flight control system Pin puller G SC H 023 Unlocking a gearbox in the Solar Orbiter Rotary solenoid aerospace G CM D 070 Emergency unlocking device in in-flight refuelling systems Solenoid valve aerospace G CA V 030 Hydraulic valve for general hydraulic applications in aircrafts Control solenoid G CA X 027 Electrohydraulic aggregates in commercial aircrafts Hydraulic valve G CA V 038 Hydraulic valve for general hydraulic applications in aircrafts Pneumatic valve G CA X 027 Pneumatic valve 5/2 ways for pneumatic applications in aircrafts Pneumatic...

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Pressure regulator VR 026 Control of automatic transmissions in passenger vehicles even if you cannot directly see us. Our solenoids work in automobiles of famous brands. Automation and increasing electrification in passenger vehicles as well as in commercial vehicles and busses require suitable actuator and sensor technology. In the mobile sector, the solenoid is principally used as linear actuator, shotbolt lock unit or holding element but also as rotary actuator in its various characteristics, and compared to other actuator systems, it is characterised by its speed, simple c ­ onstruction and...

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DC solenoid G BK K 022 Automated coin sorting system Shotbolt lock unit G SC E 035 to ATEX / IECEx Solution from our flexible modular system Rotary solenoid with holding current reduction G DC 050 + Z KD H 211 Actuations in packing machines Shotbolt lock unit G HU Z 007 Locking tasks in precision mechanical devices Holding magnet G MH X 040 Air control in industrial vacuum cleaners Solenoid G BO X 124 Parking locks in agricultural tractors Shotbolt lock unit with limit switch G MC X 037 Locking in strapping machines Solenoid with integrated electronics G AK X 065 Release of brakes in escalators Product...

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DC hydraulic solenoids G AA Y Hydraulic control blocks for underwater applications even if you cannot directly see us. Our valve solenoids and sensors control and regulate quick movements and high forces sensitively in modern working machines. In hydraulics at the interface between electrical control and power media, the solenoid as actuator of the solenoid valve plays a central role for the function of diverse machines and tools. We have accompanied the market from the beginning and contributed to the sector’s success with important and today w ­ idespread basic developments in the sector of...

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Flow control valve V PR M 016 Flow control valve for pediatric ventilation Media-separated solenoid valve Fluid technology in medical devices and dialysis machines Miniature solenoid valve V PK M 007 Pneumatic control in blood pressure monitors We help you heal people – Linear solenoid G TC A Hose clamps in dialysis machines Miniature solenoid valve G BR L 010 Pneumatic control of blood pressure monitors Rotary solenoid G DA Y 075 Actuation of hose clamps in dialysis machines Product examples show the wide range of our activities. even if you cannot directly see us. Our solenoids carry out important...

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Valve block Valve block for exhaust gas aftertreatment in commercial vehicles even if you cannot directly see us. Our valve solenoids and valves automise machines and production lines. The media air as well as other gaseous substances place specific demands to an electromagnetic actuator. We know the industry, have shaped the market since the beginning in the sixties ­­­ and are aware of requirements and solutions to switching function, leak tightness, media resistance, protection type, service life, flow, pressure, switching speed, electrical actuation and many more. Besides the valve solenoids,...

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As specialists for electromagnetic and actuator and sensor technology we offer besides our customer specific special developments a broad portfolio of standard products for various applications. Solenoids We supply you with DC and AC solenoids, single acting solenoids, reverse solenoids and polarised solenoids as special solution for monostable, bistable or particularly energy-efficient actuator systems. Shotbolt Lock Units We offer you push type and pull type versions as well as types with limit switch for position detection of the shotbolt. Rotary Solenoids Our rotary solenoids are characterised...

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