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Clock 1200 - 12 Pages

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Clock 1200
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Catalog excerpts


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Clock 1200 has been designed to match flexibility, high dynamics, rigidity and accuracy. The machine is based on classical concepts, such as the setting in "T" configuration: upright with transverse movement and work-table with longitudinal movement. Clock 1200 is conceived to be produced in bipallet, multipallet or FMS version. The flexibility features of its configuration allow it to be integrated with most automation systems. The base-unit is a single piece designed to be properly rigid to maintain machine's geometry over time. The design of the axes guarantees slideways and screws in the ideal...

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WORK-AREA X-axis stroke Y-axis stroke Z-axisj>troke X/Y/Z axes thrust X/Y/Z rapid feed speed X/Y/Z axes acceleration mm 900/J .000 (option for 5th axis) mm    830/J .000 (option for 5th axis) PALLET AND ROTARY TABLE (4th CONTINUOUS AXIS) Pallet dimensions Max. load allowed on pallet Max. fixture height Max. fixture rotation diameter Max. table rotation speed 40 (torque motor transmission option) sec    1,2 (worn-screw transmission) 0,9 (torque motor transmission) degrees 0,0001 Accuracy of positioning - linear axis (A)    pm    4 Sistematic positional deviation-Jinear axis (M)    pm    3 Repeatability...

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TOOL-MAGAZINE Type Modular rack with tool movement system and exchange arm Number of tools (standard version) Number of tools (optional version - .up to): Tool mass Tool changing time ROTOTILTING TABLE UNIT (4,h + 5,h CONTINUOUS AXES) OPTION AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE ROTARY TABLE UNIT Pallet dimensions Max. load allowed on the pallet Max. tool rotation diameter A-axistilting angle Max. A-axis (Tilting) speed A-axis 90° rotation time Max. B-axis (Table) speed B-axis 90° rotation time COOLANT TREATMENT UNIT (BASIC VERSION) Chip conveyor type Total tank capacity_ Filter type Standard low pressure...

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MCM consolidated experience in designing multitasking machining centres and the application of state-of-the-art scalable control technologies, allow flexible solutions to be developed, in order to meet any customer requirement. Thanks to the experience and the competence acquired over the years, MCM technical department engineers various types of systems, from single cell to complex production lines, with the integration of robotised cells and machines made by other manufacturers. All the software architectures are conceived for a total integration with the manufacturing planning and managing...

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jFMX is the supervising software for planning and managing of flexible manufacturing systems, designed and produced by MCM software developing dept: MCE. jFMX offers a strategic feature to a centralised coordination and an integrated management of the entire shop floor. Indeed, the machining centers equipped with jFMX, compared with those only managed by CNC, make it possibleto: - obtain a greateroperational autonomy - exploit production flexibility - integrate the machine into a modern shop floor - reduce the expertise required to the staff - increase system productivity - improve machining monitoring...

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FMS with several level shuttle 08 MCM / MACHINING CENTERS MANUFACTURING

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bipallet _ multipallet _ FMS _

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graph, mumbledesign.com MACHINING CENTERS FLEXIBLE AUTOMATION SYSTEM INTEGRATION SUPERVISING SOFTWARE MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY SERVICE MCM Spa - Machining Centers Manufacturing Via Celaschi,19 29020 Vigolzone / Piacenza / ITALY +39 0523 879811 mcm@mcmspa.it / divcomm@mcmspa.it www.mcmspa.it

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