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CATALOGUE SEASON 2017-2018 - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Fun to Fly Based on the success of the Muse series, the Muse 4 continues making history because of its popularity and the beloved launching characteristics that Mac Para gliders are known for. Intensive testing resulted in a well balanced glider with simple take off characteristics and easy behaviour during extreme manoeuvres. Quality you can See and Feel The Muse 4 embodies designs from Mac Para's other intermediate performance paragliders. The bonus is that it offers incredible safety and stability and is really fun to fly. Safety and performance matched together makes this a popular choice for...

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Discover Your Potential You just sold your school glider and you are looking to progress in your flying career. The Illusion is new in our range and is suitable for a wide range of pilots. From first thermaling flights to long cross-country adventures, the glider offers impressive performance and stability. It benefits from the latest technology and development invested in the Elan and the Eden 6. Designed by the motto Fly in Peace At take off, in flight and during landings it will always react the way you are expecting. The Illusion convinces by its precise handling and smooth behaviour in the...

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The Eden series sticks to its principles: Change is the only Constant With the Eden 6, we introduce revolutionary "leading-edge-technology” to the EN-B class. The completely new leading edge construction grants extremely high XC potential. The result is a sporty glider with extraordinary glide performance, which excels in accelerated flight. Performance Highlights The highly balanced canopy is combined with sportive handling in thermals. Easy launching and landing characteristics have always been a Mac Para tradition and continue with the Eden 6. Its new performance features, progressive handling...

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Flying and Hiking If you like to hike up to launch or travel with lightweight equipment, then the Paradis is the perfect wing for you! With the Paradis we have created a sports class glider that combines the performance of the Eden 6 with the weight of a hike & fly glider. It retains the same technology, comfort and safety in flight of the Eden 6. Lighter High quality materials and perfect workmanship guarantee that this wing will bring you pleasure for a long time. It weights 0.8/1.0 kg less with classic rapid links/soft links. Suitable for sports class pilots who are looking for a lightweight...

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Mission Achieved: Fly in Peace Maximum performance with minimum risk. Flying the Elan is the new, relaxing way to enjoy paragliding. If you are a performance-oriented pilot but you want a high amount of security the Elan is the perfect glider for you. Conclusion (Marcus King XC Magazine) The Elan gives a smooth comfortable ride and crisp handling, allowing you to climb efficiently. You can core the strong stuff and leave it to deal with the rough stuff. That level of comfort makes it a great wing for pilots moving up into the EN-C class of wings, and the handling is engaging enough for experienced...

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Ultimate The Icon is our ultimate glider for experienced XC pilots who make no compromises when it comes to performance flying. This classic 3-liner offers a wide speed range and excellent climbing performance. The result is a lightweight glider of LTF/EN-D class with extraordinary glide performance that excels in accelerated flight. Enjoy the Ride Carefully selected airfoils offer accurate pitching while thermaling and good penetration when flying into wind. In addition, a clean, completely new leading edge grants extremely high XC potential throughout the whole speed range. The Icon is a perfect...

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Share the Feeling of Flying The Pasha 6 is designed for pilots who use the glider as a working tool to share the feeling and fun of flying. It does not matter if you're a commercial pilot or a pilot focused on cross country flights. The Pasha 6 will fully satisfy your requirements while offering great cross country potential thanks to its excellent glide ratio. Easy Use Easy take off with good lift to get into the 3rd dimension. The handling is very light and precise in turns and it's really comfortable to enjoy the thermals. You will think you are hanging under a solo glider. The landing is very...

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Special design Charger Free Style

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Performance Freedom Flying The Charger is a full-blooded reflex paramotoring glider. New and seasoned pilots alike will immediately feel comfortable flying the Charger and appreciate its incredibly easy launching and landing characteristics, superb stability and excellent cruising speed. Looks and Feels Good! The Charger is the ultimate 'pilot friendly' paramotor wing, both in the sky and on the ground. Extremely resistant to collapse, the Charger will put you at ease and allow you to enjoy the scenery, instead of worrying 'what's next!'. While flying this beauty you'll notice right away that...

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DGAC Benefits of Reflex and Sporty Handling It features excellent stability throughout the full weight and speed range. Managing the angle and radius of turns is effortless despite its high reflex stability. The canopy offers uncompromising flexibility and agility in turns. The Blaze GT absolutely carves through the air with ease! Pilot friendly Reflex Performance Mac Para gliders are well known for excellent launching and landing characteristics. The Blaze GT is no different. These characteristics offer safe, easy launches and landings even in nil wind conditions or when heavily loaded. The wing...

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Powered Racing in New Style The Paradox is a classic powered competition wing with newly designed reflex-airfoils. C rod technology on the leading edge combined with RFE - panel reinforcement technology - provide extra speed, performance and stability. The Paradox is a specific reflex glider with extraordinary manoeuvrability, speed, fun potential and easy launching and landing characteristics. Exceptional Handling The Paradox inflates very easily in all conditions even in a light, nil or cross wind. The wing offers sporty handling in all trim settings. It features wing tip steering toggles for...

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