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CATALOGUE SEASON 2013-2014 - 44 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

FLY MAC GOD SPEED It all started from a love and passion for flying. From the beginning, MAC PARA’s philosophy has been to listen and respond to pilot’s needs. New ideas, continuous development, extensive testing, new products designed with experience enable our company’s growth by integrating more efficient solutions, often exceeding pilot’s expectations. Flying is fun. Although MAC PARA was well known as the producer of one of the world’s best competition gliders, our philosophy is to design and produce paragliders for different categories, that are safe and pleasure to fly, whatever level of...

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The MAC PARA Progress is the perfect glider for entry level paragliding pilots to discover the fantastic new dimension of paragliding. It is very easy to use, incredibly safe and particularly forgiving. Inflation, launching and ground handling are effortless offering beginners to rapidly progress through the learning curve with confidence. No Worry Flights - Built Solid Overall ease of use, perfect flight characteristics and durability are the highlights of the Progress. The Progress has a very low tendency to pitch forward thanks to the large cell openings used in the canopy design. This is especially...

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The Muse 3 has been designed with impressive flying characteristics that will surprise the eager intermediate pilot fresh out of training. The Muse 3 is in its own class called relaxed sport because of its fun handling and performance usually found in more advanced paragliders. You will love how easy it does everything well in a calm yet sporty feel. Almost Two Gliders in One Forget about thinking you have to buy a new glider every year. The newly designed Muse 3 embodies designs from mAc PARA's other intermediate performance paragliders. The bonus is that it offers incredible safety and stability...

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Another Best Selling Glider The Eden series has always made flying fun and significantly easier. The new performance features, handling and safety found in the Eden 5 will appeal to many pilots in search of the perfect paraglider. The MAC PARA team can ensure the Eden 5 will put a smile on your face. Performance Highlights Perfect glider featuring excellent launch and stability. Precision handling with outstanding climb. Great cross country potential with phenomenal glide. Love flying while feeling comfortable in various conditions with safe EN-B certification. Proven construction materials and...

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Hike and Fly Adventure Seeker Mountaineers and outdoor fans demand ultra-light equipment that performs. The mission during the design of the Yukon was to create a strong performing hike and fly glider that you can easily launch virtually anywhere. With the Yukon you can thermal effortlessly with good glide to keep your adventure flying alive because sometimes your life depends on it! And at the end of your day if you are in the middle of nowhere, you will be glad that you have the Yukon if you are miles away from home. Safety Marries Performance The Yukon has amazing handling with light brake...

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Other pilots will Marvel at how well you fly under this glider! The Marvel is a high performance serial class paraglider benefiting from the latest technologies. It is the perfect glider for experienced pilots who want a boost of extra performance for their advanced cross country missions. The Marvel is gaining popularity as more and more pilots unleash its potential. Peak Performance You Will Love Stability in flight gives you confidence to fly your best with a noticeable good climb rate. The extraordinary handling combined with sporty agility will satisfy the most demanding pilot. You will find...

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The Magus XC2 is a high performance glider designed for pilots who demand and expect the most from their equipment. Spectacular Flight The Magus XC2 has an impressive glide ratio in trim and accelerated flight. This is accomplished by the RFE system which uses plastic strips on the leading edge (ribs and upper panels). Launching is a breeze because it inflates very easily followed by pleasant ground handling characteristics. One of the goals designing the Magus XC2 was stability in flight. This allows the pilot to feel more confidence while enjoying the fantastic handling that is commonly found in...

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The quintessential tandem paraglider with supreme every day work capabilities. The Pasha 5 is MAC PARA's offer for luxurious flights for your passengers to remember for a lifetime. Quality You Can Trust Following in the MAC PARA tradition, the Pasha 5 is an extension of the quality and performance found in all their paragliders. The Pasha 5 is easy to handle both on the ground and in the air without compromising safety. Its features have made the Pasha 5 tandem paraglider better than ever! Performance Highlights Precision handling to make it a joy to fly multiple times every day. Light brake pressure...

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The Whistler 2 offers simplicity and durability to become our best speed riding glider to date. Better by Design Improved sail tension has resulted in minimum canopy movement. The handling is precise and progressive. The Whistler 2 is equipped with trimmers to improve the glide to match the terrain or when needed. The trimmers are positioned on rear risers and are easy to use. The advantages of the Whistler 2 is a well-balanced glider which is uncomplicated and easy to handle with a wide brake range. To slow down or increase the glide you simply add brake. With hands up the Whistler 2 is fast....

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The newly designed Muse 3 RS embodies designs from MAC PARA's other intermediate performance paragliders. The bonus is that it offers incredible safety and stability that is really fun to fly. This allows pilots to fly more often without the worry of feeling like their flight may be jeopardy. Safety and performance matched together makes this a popular choice for pilots who take a causal approach to flying on weekends. Effortless Handling and Well Designed The light brake pressure allows pleasant turns during long thermal flights and increases progressively towards the end to offer a good safety...

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