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Aeronautical Data Validation Platform - 2 Pages

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Aeronautical Data Validation Platform
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Standard ATM formats for aeronautical, weather and flight data (AIXM, WXXM & FIXM) are becoming intensively used across all boundaries in the worldwide aviation data exchange process. In an operational context, data validation is essential as the precondition for safety, security and efficiency of operations. ­ Our award winning Validation Service performs syntactic and semantic validation of aviation data to ensure aeronautical data quality. The validation results are available either in the web client or through the flexible API. Data Quality Assessment for Regional and Global Aviation Data Exchange  SWIM Enabled Collaborative Decision Making  Structural and Logical Data Consistency Check  Validation and Business Rules Enforcement in Aviation Workflows  Semantic Validation using Application Specific Business Rules (SBVR) Business Benefits  One-Stop-Shop for Aviation Data Quality Assessment  Support for Collaborative Decision Making  Increasing safety of ATM Systems through Improved Data Quality.  Reducing ATM Costs through Scalable Cloud Services. solutions@m-click.aero | +49 30 35 10 25 36 | m-click.aero GmbH, Am Borsigturm 40, 13507 Berlin | GERMANY Aeronautical Data

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Data validation is a cross cutting concern which affects many aviation workflows. Our validation platform contributes to the quality of aviation data by identifying and solving problems, which might occur when inaccurate, wrong formatted or syntactical or semantic incorrect information is consumed or provided by operational ATM services. In the context of data exchange, this service is the only guarantee that the data exchanged between regional SWIM domains remains correctly assessed and interpreted. The Aeronautical Data Validation Platform is available on the web at swim.m-click.aero/validator Aeronautical...

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