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Aeronautical Data Repository - 2 Pages

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Aeronautical Data Repository
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Catalogue excerpts

Aeronautical Data Repository The powerful, easy to use Aeronautical Data Repository for modern aviation data formats (AIXM, D-NOTAM, FIXM/GML, IWXXM). Build on top of our document-based, state of the art spatial database for aeronautical, weather and flight information management. It supports spatial and temporal queries and filters provided through an OGC compliant, open standards and SWIM compatible WFS 2.0 interface with WFS Temporality Extension (WFS-TE). Data repository for Aviation Data (AIXM, D-NOTAM, FIXM/GML, IWXXM)  SWIM based Data Exchange  Repository for Data Visualization and ASM/ATM Situation Awareness AIXM 5.1 Repository for AIP Production Process and Digital NOTAM  SWIM Enabler for Legacy ATM Systems  Solution for all Aeronautical Information Providers, Airlines, Airports and other Aviation Stakeholders. Business Benefits  Cost-efficient Operation and reliable Data Provisioning  Easy SWIM Integration for Legacy ATM Systems  Cost-efficient Data Migration

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Aeronautical Data Repository The repository provides all data management features required from modern Aeronautical Information Systems. It is easy to use, reliable and high performant and can be seamlessly integrated into the SWIM Ecosystem.  Support for SWIM and GML Compatible Aeronautical Data Types  API with lightweight AIXM 5.1 GeoJSON format for efficient data visualization  Spatial and Temporal Queries and Filters based on OGC Compliant WFS 2.0  WFS-TE Temporality Extension for On-the-Fly Timeslice Projection and Snapshot Generation  High Performance and Scalability thanks to the Optimized...

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