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Peter Wolters Grinding Center - 4 Pages

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Peter Wolters Grinding Center
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Catalog excerpts

REDEFINING PRECISION IN SURFACE FINISHING The all-inclusive PETER WOLTERS service programme for your precision parts We‘re here to help you! ✔ Development of series processes ✔ Production of sample parts ✔ Reduction of production peaks ✔ Bridging of delivery times ✔ Referral to selected partners

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Your precision parts.

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Our scope of services. The  PETER WOLTERS  group is a leading supplier of high- and know-how from a great number of industrial sec- precision machine tools and systems for high-precision tors, from made-to-order and series production, from surface processing of nearly any kind of work piece. As a small shops as well as large international enterprises. technological key player and driving innovative force, we Expert knowledge we incorporate into our service solu- are sought after wherever the highest demands on surface tions and products tailored to our customers‘ needs. This quality, parallelism,...

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REDEFINING PRECISION IN SURFACE FINISHING ✓ Fine grinding, lapping, polishing We are offering our service programme at the following locations: PETER WOLTERS GmbH Buesumer Strasse 96 24768 Rendsburg Germany Phone: +49 4331 458-0 Fax:    +49 4331 458-290 E-mail: info@peter-wolters.com PETER WOLTERS GmbH - Niederlassung Sued -Robert-Koch-Strasse 12 71665 Vaihingen / Enz, Germany Phone: +49 7042 8359-0 Fax:    +49 7042 8359-10 E-mail: pwv@peter-wolters.com PETER WOLTERS of America Inc. 509 N. Third Avenue Des Plaines (Chicago) IL 60016 - 1196, USA Phone: +1 847 803 3200 Fax:    +1 847 803 9875 E-mail:...

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