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Consumables for Grinding, Lapping and Polishing - 8 Pages

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Consumables for Grinding, Lapping and Polishing
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Catalog excerpts


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PETER WOLTERS consumables and accessories Technology leader – innovative driver As a world-wide leader of high-precision machine tools and systems for ultra-fine surface machining on an extremely wide range of work pieces, PETER WOLTERS is devoted to the success of its customers with innovative technologies and solutions that increase productivity. Tailor-made solutions and products We offer customers first-class support throughout the entire lifecycle of their machine, for the highest machine availability and productivity as well as process, planning and security, backed by our worldwide network...

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PETER WOLTERS grinding, lapping and polishing wheels Grinding wheels • Diamond • CBN • Solid grain • Ceramically bound • Synthetic resin-bound • Metal-bound Polishing wheels • Individually adapted to your specific requirements Lapping wheels • Non-grooved • Radially grooved • Waffle-grooved • Spirally grooved • Evolvent Rings To accompany the particular grinding, polishing and lapping wheels, we offer you the matching rings for grinding, dressing and conditioning. If you cannot locate the product you require, please contact us so we can discuss your individual requirements.

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PETER WOLTERS work piece carriers ... A leader in ultra-fine surface machining for more than 200 years Benefit from our many years of experience as a leader in technology and innovation for finishing and have your work piece carriers produced by PETER WOLTERS. We offer high-precision and high-quality work piece carriers for the complete AC microLine® / DDG series. The PETER WOLTERS delivery range includes: • A wide variety of different materials • Work piece carrier coatings • Combination of different materials for optimum protection of customer work pieces • Reworking old work piece carriers...

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Work Piece Carriers Material • Spring Steel / Steel • Glass Fibre-reinforced Plastic Intermediate dimensions and special dimensions are available on request. All work piece carriers are produced for individual customers on the basis of work piece drawings. Our products support you in optimizing your process costs and results by means of: • Highest precision in production of work piece carriers • Configuration of work piece carriers individually adapted to the process • Optimum guidance and protection of your work pieces We specialize in ultra-fine surfaces and tightest total thickness variations...

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PETER WOLTERS grinding, lapping and polishing agents ... Powders Lapping • Silicon carbide Green and black acc. to FEPA standard: F 90 – F 1200 (3.5 µ – 154 µ) • Boron carbide Polishing • Cerium oxide Cerox / Shorox / Opaline WCA C1 – C50 (1.77 µ – 52.5 µ) • Aluminium oxide Ultrafine Alox Normal aluminium oxide, high-grade aluminium oxide Grinding • Diamond powder All powders are also available with floated additiveS Pastes • Diamond paste oil-based, water-based Mixture • Diamond mixture oil-based, water-based • Diamond Hyprez Powder, mixture and slurry (for more information, refer to “Liquids/Slurries”) If...

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Liquids Slurries Oil based • Lapping/    2A/B/D, polishing    lapping liquid no. 20, OL5 We also offer all liquids individually adapted to your applications, allowing optimum machining of your work pieces. • Grinding    Honing oil/Carecut ES/3 Water-based •Lapping /    Aqualap U, Aqualap L2, polishing    Aqualap L5A, Aqualap 15C, Aquasol no. 185, Aquasol no. 2000, WL6 • Grinding    Hysol, Syntilo, Acecool, GP1, Other liquids • Foam breaker • Rust protection • Corrosion protection agent • Coolant If you cannot locate the product you require, please contact us so we can discuss your individual requirements.

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REDEFINING PRECISION IN SURFACE FINISHING PETER WOLTERS UK Menston, Great Britain PETER WOLTERS GmbH Rendsburg, Germany PETER WOLTERS GmbH – Niederlassung Sued – Vaihingen/Enz, Germany PETER WOLTERS France Paris, France PETER WOLTERS of America, Inc. Plainville, Massachusetts, USA PETER WOLTERS Japan Osaka, Japan PETER WOLTERS of America, Inc. Des Plaines (Chicago), Illinois, USA PETER WOLTERS China Shanghai, China PETER WOLTERS India Chennai, India PETER WOLTERS Subsidiaries PETER WOLTERS Representatives ++ PETER WOLTERS WORLDWIDE ++ PETER PETER WOLTERS of America Inc. 509 N. Third Avenue Des...

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