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Catalogue excerpts

BD 300-L High-precision economical deburring of flat work pieces LATEST TECHNOLOGY AS STANDARD FOR OUSTANDING PERFORMANCE AND VERSATILITY PETER WOLTERS linear finishing systems offer an extremely wide range of solutions in the area of deburring technology and defined edge rounding. The emphasis in many processes is placed on a significant improvement in surface quality. Machine concept of the BD series is extremely flexible and is used in a wide range of applications such as machining precision components, precision-cut and laser-cut parts, turned and milled parts as well as work pieces with large amounts of stamping burrs. Five tools for each station are specified according to the customer’s required finished part quality. Possibilities range from simple stamped or cast brushes to special arrangements of individual bristles. Specific parameters such as thickness, shape and material of the bristle can be precisely adapted. The most diverse grain sizes and materials such as silicon carbide, aluminium oxide, ceramics as well as CBN and diamond can be used. • 1 – 4 working units • Simple integration in production lines • Can either be supplied as stand-alone solution, or for further increase of productivity as semi and fully automated setups combined with any other PETER WOLTERS machine (e. g. a double-disk surface grinding machine from the DDG range) • Good accessibility, easy to service and maintain, safe and simple operation • Individual process development ensures highest productivity • Very quick tool change • Siemens 12" Touch Panel • Two turning concepts for double-sided machining • Automatic tool wear compensation • Automatic tool measurement • RangeCare® remote maintenance solution • DataCare® complete package • Possibilities for connecting to companies’ own networks • Integrated degaussing unit • Return belts to machine infeed • Extraction system for oil and water emulsions • Modern, sturdy welded structure of the basic machine ensuring high stiffness and process precision • High up-time, low operating costs • Efficient, ergonomic machine design • User-friendly self-explaining icons PETER WOLTERS linear finishing systems are available as stand-alone machines or semi and fully automatic solutions. Thanks to the modular structure of these systems, it is possible to create individual versions for specific customers. A selection of brush tools used www.lapmaster.com www.peter-wolters.com

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BD 300-L – High-precision economical deburring of flat work pieces TECHNICAL DATA Max. work piece width (mm) (with turning station) Max. work piece height (mm) Burr-Ex® brush units Short basic machine version Long basic machine version 1 – 2 brush units 3 – 4 brush units • Brush drive power (kW) • Brush rotation speed (rpm) • Brush head drive power (kW) • Head rotation speed (rpm) • Brush deburring tools per station (qty) • Brush deburring tool Ø (mm) Transport belt speed [m / min] Control View into the machining space 0.5 – 10 Siemens touch panel Subject to modifications for technical reasons Burr-Ex®...

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