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Quality description Leathers Genuine leather Key advantages Because of its durability and versatility, leather has always been a part of the world’s cultural heritage, be it in the form of vellum or parchment for writing, for footwear or for clothing. Leather is a natural material which is permeable to air and moisture; it is supple and soft, warm, flexible and durable – its characteristic comfort properties have been appreciated since time immemorial. Uniquely developed and individual in the pattern of its pores, scars, surface structure and natural creasing, every leather is a unique piece in its own right. These features are evidence of the genuineness of this natural material. With its fine, slightly tinted lacquer finish, genuine leather is flameresistant, lightfast, oil-resistant and waterrepellent. It complies with today’s most stringent standards. The exquisite beauty and true naturalness of genuine leather is an impressive and important design element in aircraft interiors. Easy to clean and care for, leather retains its original beauty for a very long time. Classic (Article 9361) Thanks to its fine, smooth surface, Classic has a very stylish and elegant look and feel. With its suppleness and soft glow, it emphasizes the magic of sleekness. Classic is 1.1 mm thick. This long-life natural product owes its round hand to the pleasant fullness of the fiber structure. Crescendo (Article 9549) The surface of Crescendo reveals the authentic structure of the hide, accenting the beauty of natural leather. With a thickness of 1.1 mm, it has a soft hand and exhibits excellent functionality. A special process with a balanced varnish finish makes Crescendo a hardwearing, easy-tomaintain upholstery material that preserves the natural traits of genuine leather. Conbrio (Article 9543) The balanced depth and intensive structure of Conbrio emphasizes the expressiveness of leather. The refined surface manifests longevity and character. Conbrio guarantees a precision cut and is wear-resistant. It is 1.1 mm thick and despite processing preserves a soft hand. Qualities Calando (Article 9556) Calando has an inimitably sensual surface texture that radiates warmth and adds a touch of luxury to any cabin interior. It is a voluminous leather grade with a silky, pleasantly soft and natural hand for coziness and comfort. The uniform structure is amplified with embossing, accenting the leather with a supple crimped grain. With a thickness of 1.4 mm, Calando combines softness and stability, making it robust and dimensionally stable. Lantal Textiles AG, Switzerland/USA/France/Singapore www.lantal.com Armrests and footrests Lantal uses special leather grades for armrest and footrest applications. The leather selected for armrests is thinner, more elastic, and stretchable. This simplifies handling, especially at the edges. Due to the exposure of footrests to rubbing and abrasion, Lantal recommends a heavy-duty, wear-resistant leather for this application. Certified quality system EN 9100 / ISO 9001 UID-Nr. CHE-111.723.

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Quality description Properties Colors The Calando, Classic, and Crescendo qualities are available in 48 standard colors with a minimum order of 1 hide. A three-hide minimum applies to custom colors. The minimum quantity for Conbrio is considerably higher and depends on the application. Please contact us for an estimate. Fidelity Lantal leathers are dyed through to assure excellent colorfastness. Design options Lantal leather grades can also be perforated or embossed with logos or other custom design elements. Leather is highly adaptable to your livery and corporate identity. Perforations...

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Quality description Cleaning Thanks to the judiciously applied finish, Lantal genuine leathers only need occasional cleaning with soapy water, followed by wiping down with clear water. No cleaning agents must be used on genuine leather upholstery. The natural beauty of the leather is preserved even after years of use. Service lifetime Approx. 6 years The specific service lifetime depends largely on the airline’s interior philosophy (colors, quality), routing (short-haul/long-haul), geographical routes, load factors and cleaning attitudes. Environmental statement Lantal genuine leather...

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