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320-360 specifications - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Specifications LANCAIR ENGINE HORSEPOWER PROPELLER LENGTH WINGSPAN WING AREA WING LOADING (standard wing) WING LOADING (extended wing) ASPECT RATIO (standard wing) ASPECT RATIO (extended wing) POWER LOADING EMPTY WEIGHT GROSS WEIGHT FUEL CAPACITY USEFUL LOAD BAGGAGE CAPACITY TRAILERING WIDTH CABIN WIDTH CABIN HEIGHT MAX SPEED (sea level) Our technical staff is available to help you select the options to fit your life style and your Lancair. Significant discounts are available on many items, from propellers to tail lights— an exclusive offer to reaistered Lancair owners! RATE OF CLIMB (sea level) G LOADING ROLL RATE +9,-4.5 (ultimate) +9,-4.5 (ultimate)

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