Machine polissage échantillons métallographiques MASTERLAM (EN) - 2 Pages

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PRODUCT DATA SHEET AUTOMATIC METALLOGRAPHIC POLISHING MACHINE AVAILABLE WITH AN OSCILLATING HEAD The MASTERLAM® is an automatic machine with a single plate Ø 250/ 300 mm. The advanced technologies this machine uses allows obtaining repetitive and quality polishing results on all types of materials. This machine is available with an oscillating central pressure head (MASTERLAM® 1.0), with an individual pressure head (MASTERLAM® 2.0) and a combo head (MASTERLAM® 3.0). MASTERLAM® 1.0 with oscillating head ACCESSORIES - Automatic dosing and distribution unit DISTRILAM controlled from machine display - Removable aluminium plate lapped flat Ø 250 mm - Removable aluminium plate lapped flat Ø 300 mm - PC (central pressure) and PI (individual pressure) sample holder Graphic user surface touch s

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