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PX™ 5.3 - 1 Pages

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PX™ 5.3
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Catalogue excerpts

PX 5.3 X-ray Inspection System Designed to screen small and medium-sized objects such as briefcases, backpacks, parcels, and packages, the PX-5.3 is an X-ray screening solution for mailrooms, schools, courthouses, corrections facilities, corporate offices, cruise ships, and other space-constrained environments. Take advantage of outstanding detection, performance, and reliability in a compact, portable design. High-Performance Imaging Easy Operation L-3’s PX 5.3 provides powerful imaging and clarity in a compact X-ray screening system so you can spot threats and contraband. L-3’s interface and multi-language support make it easy to control the system and make the most of imaging information. • A full complement of image-enhancement tools make it easy to generate precise, detailed images for maximum detection capability. • Simple three-button conveyor control and touch sensitive pad enable continuous heads-up operation with icons on the viewing screen • “Slide and See” continuous contrast adjustment lets you see the smallest details, regardless of density. • Ergonomic console minimizes operator fatigue and physical stress of prolonged screening. • Best Image First™ feature automatically selects and presents the optimal view, reducing the need for manual adjustments • Threat Image Projection (TIP) option periodically inserts fictitious threat images, enabling supervisors to train screeners and assess effectiveness • L-3’s TRI-MAT imaging helps operators easily distinguish between organic and inorganic materials • EU-approved TIP image libraries Outstanding Service and Support Configurable for a Range of Environments Easy-to-configure software controls let you adapt to diverse environments and evolving security challenges. • Short and long conveyor lengths to accommodate varied footprints Recognized worldwide for our commitment to customer service, L-3 fields one of the industry’s largest and most experienced global service teams. We offer a spectrum of services to help you reap maximum value from your investment while maintaining robust, effective • Bi-directional operation for two-way screening for locations needing entry and exit screening (e.g. prisons or businesses with high theft potential) • Customizable image archive stores up to 20,000 images L-3 Security & Detection Systems www.L-3com.com/sds The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. It is intended for marketing purposes only and shall not be considered contractual. Actual systems delivered may not match systems depicted herein and may not include all the features and capabilities shown. L-3 has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information in this document is accurate and complete, and disclaims any and all warranties for such accuracy and completeness, and is proprietary. This brochure consists of L-3 Communications Corporation general capabilities information that does not contain controlled technical data as defined within the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Part 734.7-11. © 2015 All rights reserved. L-3 Communications, S

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