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PX™ 18.18-MV 200 - 1 Pages

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PX™ 18.18-MV 200
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Catalogue excerpts

PX 18.18-MV 200 Palletized Freight and Cargo X-ray System Designed for air cargo and suitable for many other settings, L-3’s PX 18.18-MV 200 delivers superior image performance and penetration. With a tunnel opening 1.8M wide and 1.8M high, this multi-view system reduces the number of skids, pallets and ULDs* that need to be unpacked, fostering more efficient screening while maintaining a high level of security. Powerful Screening, Streamlined Operations Faster Clearing, Greater Accuracy L-3’s multi-view 200 kVp X-ray source delivers superior penetration and image quality, while a purpose-built design improves efficiency. With comprehensive information and flexible controls, operators can clear cargo and freight efficiently. • High-energy scanning, real-time image manipulation and a push-button operator interface promote rapid screening • A low-height, heavy-duty conveyor with narrow pitch rollers facilitates loading and unloading of pallets via a forklift • Choice of dual-view and single-view systems and multiple energy levels lets you choose screening capabilities to suit your requirements and your budget • Networking facilitates a remote suspect screening station and supervisor workstation Ideal for Diverse Screening Goals and Settings By reducing the need for unpacking, PX 18.18-MV 200 makes it easier to confirm shipment contents, detect tampering and facilitate secure storage. • Dual-energy material discrimination improves threat detection • Threat Image Projection (TIP) feature periodically inserts fictitious threat images, enabling supervisors to train screeners and assess effectiveness • The Operator Assist® (OA) feature highlights target material Outstanding Service and Support Recognized worldwide for our commitment to customer service, L-3 fields one of the industry’s largest and most experienced global service teams. We offer a spectrum of services to help you reap maximum value from your investment while maintaining robust, effective and efficient operations. • Facilitates identification of explosives, weapons, drugs, or misrepresented goods—even in densely packed ULDs • Meets the standards of air cargo and is also suitable for seaports, warehouses, manufacturing centers and military bases • Adapts to your needs with configurable powered entry and exit conveyors and optional roller tables • Presents operator instructions in multiple languages L-3 Security & Detection Systems www.L-3com.com/sds The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. It is intended for marketing purposes only and shall not be considered contractual. Actual systems delivered may not match systems depicted herein and may not include all the features and capabilities shown. L-3 has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information in this document is accurate and complete, and disclaims any and all warranties for such accuracy and completeness, and is proprietary. This brochure consists of L-3 Communications Corporation general capabilities information that does not contain controlled technical data as defined within the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Part 734.7-11. © 2015 All rights reserved. L-3 Communications, Security & Detection Systems Inc. *subject to appl

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