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Catalogue excerpts

KiwiVision® Video Enhancer The KiwiVision® Video Enhancer optimizes video data in order to enhance the detection of events in an image and to improve analysis results. Cameras not always provide ideal images for the purpose of video surveillance. Often critical events are hardly detectable and can thus easily be missed. The KiwiVision® Video Enhancer optimizes these images in order to ensure an ideal display of the scene. Disturbances and artifacts in the image such as fog, rain or snow are automatically filtered ensuring a clear and stable image. Fields of Application • All types of video surveillance with visually challenging situations • Outdoor areas Features • Fog, rain and snow filter • Automatic contrast adjustment • Stabilizing of shaking cameras • KiwiVision® Connection Platform • Minimum frame rate: 12 fps • Minimum object size: 20 x 20 px The KiwiVision® Video Enhancer filters artifacts which are caused by rain or snow The KiwiVision® Video Enhancer stabilizes shaking video images through the tracking of distinctive points

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