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KiwiVision Face Collecor - 1 Pages

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KiwiVision® Face Collector The KiwiVision® Face Collector automatically detects and files faces in a video stream. All persons moving through a defined area are screened within a few seconds. Multiple faces can be detected and indexed simultaneously, while the images of the faces are saved with date and time. In case of an incident all present persons can be listed. Fields of application range from high-security airports, banks, retail or office buildings, as well as to assisting the doorman in securing the entrance. In contrast to face recognition systems, the KiwiVision® Face Collector is, from a privacy protection point view, comparable to traditional video surveillance and operates on standard surveillance cameras. Fields of Application • Entrances • Locks • Turnstiles • Security relevant areas (airports, banks, military facilities) Features • Automated collecting of faces • Simultaneous detection of mutliple faces • Detection of covered faces (sunglasses, beards ...) • Quick finding of faces searched • KiwiVision® Connection Platform • Minimum size of face: 20 x 20 px Configuration of KiwiVision® Face Collector • Minimum frame rate: 3 fps Indexed faces displayed in the

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