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KiwiVision Camera Health Monitor ® The KiwiVision® Camera Health Monitor will alarm you automatically in case a camera was tampered with or if its image quality has decreased significantly. In practice, the videos of most cameras are never watched and just accessed in case of an incident. Therefore, important events are missed on a regular basis. In most cases, a redirected or unfocused camera will stay unrecognized for several minutes or even hours and days! Whether the camera was tampered with to cover up a crime or just as an act of vandalism, the results can be devastating – no video image means no evidence! The KiwiVision® Camera Health Monitor is a reliable solution, invisible to criminals, that checks if your camera always sees what it is supposed to see. Whether your camera is covered, blinded or redirected, if the connection is interrupted, or if the quality has decreased due to contrast, focus or lighting changes, the KiwiVision® Camera Health Monitor has an eye on your cameras and will inform you about their current state. Fields of Application Every video monitoring system in which the incoming videos of all cameras is not viewed permanently: • Medium to large scale video management systems • Video monitoring & alarm centers • Remote monitoring Detection of • Camera covering • Camera redirecting • Connection interruption • Image quality decrease • Contrast & focus change Requirements • KiwiVision® Connection Platform The KiwiVision® Camera Health Monitor detecting a blinded (middle picture) and redirected

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