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SKYpower Power to the people - 4 Pages

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SKYpower Power to the people
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Catalogue excerpts

SKYpower Power to the people

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The SKYfi Lounge portfolio Subline SKYpower is one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in-seat power and cabin power management systems available on the market today. The product is designed to guarantee airline passengers sufficient power to use their personal electronic devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets, while in flight. Outreach your customers expectations SKYpower offers the flexibility to work with the latest cabin and consumer technologies and can be accessed via USB and 110 volts AC. The system’s scalable, modular architecture and functionality mean it is fully adaptable...

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SKYpower Portfolio SKYpower classic The classic SKYpower package is the most popular and widely-used. It provides an interface suitable for every 110-volt power plug design. Personal electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets, can easily be recharged during flight, saving passengers time and hassle. SKYpower USB This solution provides an interface suitable for every plug with a USB interface. SKYpower USB operates with high power efficiency and is a lighter SKYpower option, passing on costsavings to the airline. SKYpower BIZ Jet The SKYpower bizJet package is designed for corporate aircraft...

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