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Automated X - ray industrial inspection solutions - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SOLEX Metrology - n°2 case study Automated X-ray industrial inspection solutions Introduction Automated machines are the natural extension of the Solex inspection systems. Combining a set of imaging systems, with robot handling devices and image processing software allows for the provision of a rapid inspection system that fulfils the needs of mass production. X-Ray imaging is particularly relevant for inspecting parts that have already been assembled. Our solutions are designed on a case-by-case basis working from the specifications set by our clients. Problem areas This is about detecting non-compliance in roller shutter electric motors following assembly on a manufacturing line. As well as checking particular dimensions, the quality of the motor electrical feeder chain is inspected : • Checking connection systems • Checking the shapes of particular components in the electrical chain • Checking for the presence of particular mechanical parts and electrical components • Checking for the presence of particular screws and circlips Key elements Our skills in automation, in X-ray imaging (including radio protection standards), in image analysis, along with the organization of our R&D service being structured to manage specific projects have been applied all along this project. A 6-axis robot takes the motor to be checked and presents it to the X-ray source at particular angles to examine the various areas of interest. Developed image processing algorithms allow the checking of particular dimensions for example via the determination of plane-to-plane or plane-to-point distances, or to compare these areas of interest with a defect database (reference view compilation). Technical procedure A lead-lined compartment is installed above the roller shutter motor production line transfer section. An automatically-controlled lead-lined access door allows the admission of a rolling shutter motor assembly unit on its sub-pallet into the inspection chamber, and guarantees sealing against radiation emissions during the inspection cycle. www.solex-metrology.fr solex@kep-technologi

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SOLEX Metrology - n°2 case study Automated X-ray industrial inspection solutions A 6-axis robot (Figure 1) grips the sub-pallet with its motor assembly at three points and presents it to the source (130kV X-Ray generator). The image processing algorithms are applied in parallel. The inspection criteria mentioned above are used to analyse the image. The important dimensions are determined and compared with the required specifications. Once the inspection sequence is completed, the software indicates the compliance or otherwise of the unit on the screen and enters a fault code into a memory label...

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