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Solutions for Aerospace - 684 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS Aerospace Manufacturing and Advanced Materials for a New Generation

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From lightweight composite materials to exotic alloys, Kennametal is committed to reducing risks and costs in the manufacture of aerospace and defense programs. We partner with our customers to implement standard and customized solutions with minimum cost per part and high repeatability in mind. Kennametal has unique capabilities and resources to cover the total manufacturing equation from high-purity metals to automated deburring and finishing. This catalog includes a selection of our best-in-class technologies and services used by our customers to deliver up to 30% cost reduction and 60% cycle...

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^ Best Practices in Productivity As your trusted partner for optimized production, Kennametal offers customers a unique commitment to research and development excellence, leading to continued delivery of highly innovative ways to enhance your productivity. Certification to established standards supports the manufacturing of Kennametal products to the highest Industry quality requirements. ^ Best Performance, Less Environmental Impact With technology, we can do both. Kennametal helps customers focus on the root causes of unsustainable behavior in highly complex manufacturing systems, while at the...

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Aerospace Technologies Aerospace component surfaces are one of the key battlegrounds in environmentally friendly manufacturing. Surface treatments not only improve appearance of the part, but also enhance wear resistance, provide corrosion protection, and improve friction control. These subtle manufacturing enhancements provide big dividends in the form of fuel efficiency, reliability, performance, and longer part life. Kennametal Extrude Hone ® Means Precision Finishing The world’s leading provider of advanced manufacturing processes that produce some of the highest quality engineered surfaces...

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Intemational Specialty Alloys International Specialty Alloys (ISA) provide cost-effective metal alloy and metal alloy powder solutions for the aerospace, electronics, and high-performance industrial markets. ISA offers a variety of different products and services for high quality, customized solutions that meet customer-specific purity, chemistry, and particle size needs. > Products    > Services ISA offers the products listed below, but has the capability to customize alloys for customer-requested chemistry and particle specifications. • High-Purity Chrome • Sputtering Target Materials • Master...

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Aerospace IndustriesExpertise and Excellence: Your Complete Supplier for Tooling Solutions When an industry moves at mach speed, it needs an innovative and integrated supply base. Kennametal enables leading aerospace manufacturers to reduce cost and risk. We provide high-performance tools that global aviation customers need to compete effectively in the manufacture of engines, airframes, landing gear, and instrumentation with components. ^ Tried and Trusted Partner for Optimized Production Kennametal has experience and expertise on an international level, highly developed engineering skills, and...

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EHEESJZEKkonnect The power to outperform goes online Fast, Free, and Easy Registration Kennametal Konnect is our custom-crafted, dynamic online sourcing, ordering, and order management tool that features the industry's best products, knowledge, and, ultimately, power. To learn more and register online, visit us at www.kennametal.com. Timely Updates Looking for the latest updates on tooling solutions? The measurements and specifications for a series of high-performance metalworking tools? Or do you need to determine the right insert with the best geometry and coating for a specific workpiece material?...

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Aerospace Components Flap Track Components 2. Engine Components and Accessories

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3. Landing Gear Components Main Landing Gear Beam Landing Gear Components

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Complete Component Solutions Dodeka™ Dodeka High-Feed KSWM – KenFeed™ Mill 1-10™ Mill 1-14™ KSSM KSRM™ KSSZR – Plunge Mill KPIR™- KSSR™ KDNR Access/Screw-On/Modular HARVI II™/HARVI I™ High-End Performance End Mills Solid Carbide Drills Y-Tech™ Drills Modular Drills Indexable Drills Holefinishing/Reamers Fine Boring (ModBORE/Romicron) Turning Beyond™ Inserts Kendex™ Inserts Kenloc™ Lock Pin Inserts Screw-On Inserts K-Lock™ Top Notch™ V-Bottom Round Toolholders Threading, Grooving, and Cut-Off A2™/A3™ VG Deep Grooving Ceramic A4™ Top Notch Indexable Milling Dodeka Dodeka High-Feed KSWM – KenFeed...

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Complete Component Solutions Pages

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Productivity in Aerospace Industry It takes best practices and a lean mindset to drive productivity in machining today’s Aerospace materials.^ The Challenges for Companies    ^ Customer’s Question The trends in Aerospace and Defense are clear:    Should they convert the existing “gantry-style” • A relatively strong prospect for growth    machines and make multiple parts slowly at • New, emerging materials used to produce    the same time, or should they invest in flexible fuel-efficient aircrafts are difficult to machine    manufacturing cells and make one part per • The global expansion of the...

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High-Temperature Machining Guide Superalloys, also known as heat-resistant superalloys or high-temperature alloys, are materials that can be machined at temperatures exceeding 1000° F (540° C). No other alloy system has a better combination of high-temperature corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and creep resistance. Because of these characteristics, superalloys are widely used in aircraft engine components and in industrial gas turbine components for power generation. They are also utilized in petrochemical, oil, and biomedical applications, specifically for their excellent corrosion...

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High-Temperature Machining Guide Superalloy Classifications High-temperature alloys are broadly classified into three groups: nickel-base, cobalt-base, and iron-nickel-base alloys (titanium alloys are also included in this category and are discussed in detail in the Titanium Machining Guide on pages D18–D33.) Nickel-Base Superalloys Cobalt-Base Superalloys Among the high-temperature alloys, nickel-base alloys are the most widely used. As a result, they are often found in aerospace engine and power generation turbine components, as well as in petrochemical, food processing, nuclear reactor, and...

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