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Catalogue excerpts

Asia's Only Professional 5-Axis Machining Center Manufacturer KEN ICHI MACHINE is the only company in Asia that specializes , in 5-axis machining centers for the aircraft and automotive industries. We integrate European design and European key components yvith high-speed 5-axis machine manufacturing professionals in Taiwan, to satisfy the needs of the following industries: Aircraft Industry Aluminum components: Aluminum extrusion profiles, floor beams, frames, rib spars, flap tracks, frame boards, fuel tank side covers, etc. Very tough materials: (Titanium, inconel, stainless steel, special steel,...

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Rntnr HighspeedI \UIUI 5-Axis Machine Aircraft Industry I Blisks, Engine Casings Automotive Industry I Car Lamp Molds, Mold Cores Center A-axis +i?n European Imported Rotary Tables 260 Nm High Torque Spindle Uses a European imported high torque spindle, suitable for the machining of titanium, stainless steel, and superalloys, etc. Rotor-100 A-Axis Swing with Exclusively-designed Hydraulic Balancing System Rotary table can maintain stability and precision at high-speeds and at different loads. X/Y/Z-axis Rapid Feedrate | m/min _50/50/40

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Rhinn Horizontal Typell III IU 5-Axis Lathe/Milling Mobile CrossbeamMachine Center Aircraft Industry I Engine Casings General Machining I Bevel Gearwheels, Gearboxes Crossbeam with Up and Down Travel TheY-axis design uses a crossbeam that moves up and down so the spindle head can travel to any position, while ensuring rigidity and cutting precision. European Imported Rotary Table The rotational axis is driven by a high torque direct-drive motor with reduced wear parts (worm and gears, belts, etc.), achieving long lasting accuracy. 300 rpm Turning Functions Rotary table also performs 300rpm turning operations. X/Y/Z-axis...

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Fixed Column Mobile Crossbeam5-Axis Machine Cen ter Aircraft Industry I Titanium Alloy Components, Aircraft Landing Gears General Machining I Heavy-Duty Machining Outstanding High Rigidity Cutting Capabilities Crossbeam with Up and Down Travel Crossbeam up and down moving design has no ram overhang vibration problems, so when spindle travels to any position, this ensures rigidity and cutting precision. Spec. / Model European Imported High Torque Mechanical Transmission Milling Head ■ 1,200Nm high torque spindle, can machine titanium, inconel, stainless steel, special steel, alloy steel, as well...

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I narbr Moving Column TypeI—U&UGI 5-Axis Machine Cen ter Spacious Working Area All the axes of this machine (X/Y/Z/B/C axis) can travel along the moving column. Also the fixed worktable design ensures this machine is suitable for heavy-duty cutting, high precision and large component machining, and also provides a spacious working area. General Machining I Heavy-Duty Machining X/Y Axis Drive European Imported HighTorque Mechanical Transmission Auto Indexing Milling Head European Imported High Torque Mechanical Transmission Milling Head B-axis rotation center shifts down so it can be closer to...

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General Machining I Heavy-Duty Machining X/Y/Z-axis Rapid Feedrate | m/min Moving Column Mob) ile Crossbeam Type5-Axis Machine Center W-Axis Crossbeam This machine features a W-axis crossbeam up and down moving design with no ram overhang vibration problems, so when spindle travels to any position this ensures rigidity and cutting precision. X/Y Axis Drive X/YAxis uses a European imported double servo motor with electronic backlash eliminating technology. By combining a high-grade deceleratorwith a high accuracy rack and pinion drive, this provides high precision, no backlash, low noise, low maintenance, and...

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Aircraft High-Speed I Floor Beams, Extmsion Profiles, Long & Narrow Components Rapid Feed Rate Up to 60,000 mm/min Fixed Type Woridable With a fixed worktable and moving column design, the X/Y/ Z/B/C axes all travel along the long and narrow worktable so when manufacturing extrusion profiles this machine can meet professional design demands. The X-Axis uses a European imported double servo motor with electronic backlash eliminating technology. By combining a high-grade decelerator with a high accuracy rack and pinion drive, this provides high precision, no backlash, low noise, low maintenance, and...

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Automotive Industry I Automotive Plastic Injection Molds Aircraft High-Speed I Aluminum Alloy Components Linear Motor Drive X/YAxes are driven by a linear motor drive, the advantages are no backlash, no wear and tear, easy maintenance, and extended service life. Compact, Minimal Interference Torque Motor Driven Two-Axis Milling Head This machine offers three different torque motor driven two-axis milling heads specially designed for the molding industry. One Piece Structure Design Improves the overall structural rigidity and ensures the stability and precision of the mechanical performance. Tool...

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I i n m9 Y Gantry Type High- SpeedI— II II I IQA    5-Axis Machine Center Automotive Industry I Stamping Dies and Molds Aircraft High-Speed I Aluminum Alloy Components Gantry Structure As all the axes move along the crossbeam and fixed worktable, it can handle very heavy workpieces without affecting the . efficiency and precision of the machining# Linear Motor Drive X/YAxes are driven by a linear motor drive, the advantages are no backlash, no wear and tear, easy maintenance, and extended service life. Torque Motor Driven Two-Axis Milling Head TCH-30F Spec. / Model 1,000 Two-axis Milling Head...

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Double Gan try Type High-Speed 5-Axis Machine Center Aircraft High-Speed I Extra-large /Extra-long Components Linear Motor Drive X/Y/Z Axes are driven by a linear motor drive, the advantages are no backlash, no wear and tear, easy maintenance, and extended service life. Torque Motor Driven Two-Axis Milling Head TCH-20    TCH-30F Highly Efficient Machining The double crossbeam design is combined with highly efficient milling heads, resulting in high performance manufacturing. Spindle SpindleType Tool Shank Linmax Twin Max. Spindle Power SI-100% (S6-40%) X/Y/Z-axis Rapid Feedrate m/min X/Y/Z-axis...

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