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LINEAR MOTOR SERIES • Stability • Precision • Strength KEN ICHI MACHINE CO.,LTD

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HIGH SPEED 5-AXIS MACHINE CENTER 5-AXIS MACHINE CENTER HIGH - DYNAMIC HIGH-SPEED performance Box in Box, High-Performing Symmetrical design Driven at the center of gravity Minimize crossbeam deformation after long period of usage Reliable and rigidity Gantry type Linear Motor drive Rapid feedrate: 50m/min Direct-drive milling head Aerospace Aluminum Frame Mechanical component Plastic injection mold Automotiv Stamping Dies Automotive Stamping die

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OPTIMIZE STRUCTURAL DESIGN NEW STANDAD OF QUALITY SYMMETRICAL DESIGN HIGH-PERFORMING structure X/Y axis equip linear motor direct drive. using with linear motor drive B/C axis equip direct drive-torque drive. using with torque motor motor. Z axis equip the dual-drive screw. using with dual ball the absolute value of the servo motor driven by ball screw. High rigidity one piece column design. High rigidity one box design. Workable fixed to the foundation above. Workable fixed to the foundation above. Advanced FEM analysis and design to optimize higher rigidity, response and provide All axis...

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LINEAR MOTOR DRIVE Excellent Design For 5-axis High Speed Machine The inevitable trend in the future Backlash free offer high positioning accuracy The Column for the X-axis use the linear motor without the belt and coupling to increase high accuracy and high-speed movement. Direct transmission X axis is supported by the left and right box column each side use two roller linear guideways, each guideway has three Block, increase rigidity and keep excellent accuracy for long time. Reduce ball screw/nut, bearings couplings those components Free of wear due to friction free drive concept Brakes...

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Using Italian Two-Axis Milling Heads. Symmetric “open frame" innovative design made in GGG40 nodular cast iron for head. Dedicated “Direct-Drive"torque motor with integrated water cooling system for B/T axis. Double row crossed roller bearing support achieving excellent rigidity and accuracy for B/T axis. Using high-resolution, high-precision encoder for B/T axis. KenIchi has prepared modular components spare parts, repair localized to shorten the maintenance cycle. Clamping torque :    Nm 4,000    4,000    4,000    4,000 Positioning accuracy:    arc.sec ± 3 /± 3    ± 3 /± 3    ± 3 /±...

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Application Machine specifications Aerospace - Automotive - Mechanical Component Model: Linmax B Working pieces Travel ■ Y-axis Travel ■ X-axis Travel Z-axis Travel Distance between column Distance between spindle nose to table surface Table width Table length T-slot size (Width) Table load X/Y/Z-axis rapid feedrate X/Y/Z-axis acceleration

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Standard - The HEIDENHAIN ITNC-530 controller, X, Y, Z, B, C, five-axis continuous. - HEIDENHAIN handwheel-HR520. ■ European modular 2-axis milling head. The European system of vertical spindle HSK A63 24000rpm. ' HSK 63A 30 tool magazine. ■ X/Y linear motor direct driven. ' 1 2 roller linear guideways (Each 4 sets for X/Y/Z axis). " 4 HEIDENHAIN linear scale( 2 sets for X axis 2 sets for Y/Z axis). ' Electrical cabinet temperature control device. ' X/Y linear motor, spindle cooling system. ■ Spindle oil-mist device. ■ Spiral-type chip conveyor and rear-type chip conveyor containing iron...

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Working area and Layout 13 Distance between spindle A nose to spindle nose (Y-Direction) Y axis -620 Y axis -690 Y axis -746 Y axis -716 B Z-axis opening height    1450 D    Distance between spindle TCH-20 (A100)    200 nose to table surface    TCH-19(A63)    200 Distance between spindle TCH-20 (A1 00)    X axis -690 E    nose to spindle nose X X-axis Travel    X axis travel (according to costomer's choice)

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Focus On High Speed & 5-axis r°«ioHve RHINO LINMAX COMPACT KEN ICHI MACHINE CO., LTD No. 73, Zhongshan 12th Road., Daya Dist Taichung City 428, taiwan (R.O.C.) KEN ICHI MACHINE CO..LTD - 2017 - 08

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