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Catalogue excerpts

Data Sheet P992 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensor Main Features Pressure Ranges Electrical Connection Pressure Connection Housing Material Output Signal 1,2, 5, 10, ±1, ±2, ±5 Inches of H2O Options A & B: 3 solderable pins , tin plated. Option C: Lead wires, 24 AWG, 12” long 1/8” diameter tube fitting with barb for 3/16 ID tubing PET 30% glass reinforced, flame retardant 0.25 VDC - 4 VDC Typical Applications ■ Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV) ■ Filter Pressure Monitoring ■ Duct Air Flow ■ Modulated Furnace Controls ■ Combustion Air Flow ■ Gaseous Leak Detection Attributes ■ Rugged Package ■ Backward Compatible Mounting Configurations ■ Amplified Temperature Compensated Linear Output ■ No Position Sensitivity ■ EMI/RFI & ESD Protected ■ Frequency Output Option (Consult Factory) ■ Superior Output Signal Stability Description The P992 series of pressure sensors incorporates a silicon capacitive sensing element in a compact package. Using a 5 VDC input, the sensors provide a 0.25 to 4.0 VDC output proportional to pressure. Internal temperature compensation provides an accurate, easy to use device. The innovative design eliminates mounting position effects found on other low pressure differential sensors currently available in the market. With a 10-year minimum shelf life and a lifetime of millions of cycles, Kavlico’s ruggedly designed modules are made to last.

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From 0 to ... Proof pressure Burst pressure Physical Operating Life Cycle Vibration Resistance Shock Resistance Drop Test Weight Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Media 1. For more details see How to Order min. 10 million full pressure cycles over the full range 1 G from 20 to 1200 Hz 10 G’s at 6 ms duration 1m onto concrete surface < 20 grams (without mating connector) -10°C to + 60°C - 40°C to + 95°C*1 Dry or wet (non freezing) media compatible with PET & silicon Performance Total error band

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Output Signal Power Consumption Operating Supply Signal Overvoltage Protection Short-circuit Proofness Reverse Polarity Protection Output Impedance 2. for min. 3 intervals at 5 minutes each 3. for min. 10 seconds on assigned pins 0.25 to 4 VDC Ratiometric < 20 mW 5 VDC ± 5% min. 16 VDC Yes *2 Yes *3 100 Q Max

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Dimensions Pressure Sensor Dimensions in mm [inch] Pressure Sensor - Standard Option P992-x-B Dimensions in mm [inch]

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Electrical Termination A 4-leg PCB Mount C 2-leg PCB Mount with 12” lead wires Example: P992-5B-A Description: P992 Pressure Sensor, ±5” H2O, with PCB Mounting Option. Before installation and operation, ensure that the appropriate pressure sensor has been selected in terms of pressure range, design and specific measuring conditions. Non-compliance can result in serious injury and/or damage to the equipment. Warning: The product information contained in this catalogue is given purely as information and does not constitute a representation, warranty or any form of contractual commitment. Kavlico...

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Sales Offices Worldwide Americas Brazil Mexico USA Europe England France Germany Italy Netherlands Spain Sweden Russia Asia Pacific China India Japan South Korea Main Contact Sensata Germany GmbH Potsdamer Strasse 14, 32423 Minden Tel: +49 571 3859-0 Fax: +49 571 3859-119 www.kavlico.com www.sensata.com Your local sales contact: o ro o o JZ CL © 2016 Kavlico, a brand of Sensata Technologies. All rights reserved. Kavlico's General Terms & Conditions apply and can be found on our website

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