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Medical Brochure

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Pressure Measurement Solutions MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ’ Sensata Technologies

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ABOUT KAVLICO PRESSURE SENSORS For more than 50 years Kavlico Pressure Sensors has been a leading expert in designing, developing, and manufacturing a broad range of precision, pressure, pressure and temperature, fluid level and specialty sensors. Focused on premium products, and adapting innovative technologies to meet customer needs, Kavlico Pressure Sensors is the reliable solutions provider for the harshest and most demanding applications across the globe. Kavlico Pressure Sensors is a brand of Sensata Technologies. Sensata Technologies Our highly engineered devices satisfy the...

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Pressure Measurement in Anaesthesia Machines Pressure Measurement in Oxygen Concentrators Anaesthesia Machines are medical apparatus for administering inhalation anesthetic gases and vapors and for controlling ventilation. Most modern anaesthesia machines are essentially a ventilator that uses pressure to move air, oxygen, and nitrous oxide (anesthesia gas) into the lungs of the patient. This pressure is known as positive pressure. You usually exhale (breathe out) the air on your own, but in some situations the ventilator portion of the machine may have to perform this function for the...

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The machines can be programmed to “breathe” a specific number of times over a certain time frame, usually minutes. And they can also be programmed to trigger the ventilator to force air into the lungs. But, if you fail to trigger it within a certain amount of time, the machine automatically supplies air to keep you breathing. Pressure Measurement in Sleep Apnea Machines Sleep Apnea Machines and Ventilators are machines designed to move breathable air in and out of the lungs to aide a person that is having trouble breathing or is unable to physically breathe on their own. They are mainly...

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Kavlico Pressure Sensor Products P1E - Pressure Sensors for Medical Air P1A - Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor Electrical Connection Pressure Connection Housing Material Output Signal Electrical Connection DIN 175301-803 A, M12-4 Pin, Packard Metri Pack 150, Overmold connector Pressure Connection G1/4” A DIN 3852-A 7/16”-20 UNF-2A (male) SAE J1926/2 (modified) w/ 45° cone Further options available Stainless steel 1.4301 Output Signal Pressure Ranges Housing Material Pressure Ranges PTE5000 - Thin Film Pressure Sensors P500 - Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor Pressure Ranges Electrical...

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Kavlico Pressure Sensor Products Committed to Premium Quality    Committed to Innovation P1J - Piezo-Resistive Pressure Sensor Pressure Ranges Electrical Connection Pressure Connection Housing Material Output Signal 2, 5, 10, ±2, and ±5 inches of H2O Differential PCB solderable pin 1/8” diameter tube fitting with barb for 3/16” ID tubing PPS and cremamic SPI and I2C P1K - Silicon Capacitive Pressure Sensor Pressure Ranges 1, 1.5, 2, 5, 10, ±1, ±2, and ±5 inches of H2O Differential Electrical Connection PCB solderable pin Pressure Connection 1/8” diameter tube fitting with barb for 3/16” ID...

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Sales Offices Worldwide Americas Brazil Mexico USA Europe England France Germany Italy Netherlands Spain Sweden Russia Asia Pacific China India Japan South Korea Main Contact Sensata Germany GmbH Potsdamer Strasse 14 32423 Minden Tel: +49 571 3859-0 Fax: +49 571 3859-119 Your local sales contact: O CO o o JZ CL © 2016 Kavlico, a brand of Sensata Technologies. All rights reserved. Kavlico's General Terms & Conditions apply and can be found on our website.    ^

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