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Catalogue excerpts

Pressure Measurement Solutions HVAC AND REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS

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Brochure - HVAC and Refrigiration Systems ABOUT KAVLICO PRESSURE SENSORS For more than 50 years Kavlico Pressure Sensors has been a leading expert in designing, developing, and manufacturing a broad range of precision, pressure, pressure and temperature, fluid level and specialty sensors. Focused on premium products, and adapting innovative technologies to meet customer needs, Kavlico Pressure Sensors is the reliable solutions provider for the harshest and most demanding applications across the globe. Brochure - HVAC and Refrigiration Systems Your Pressure Sensing Partner in HVAC and Refrigeration...

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Brochure - HVAC and Refrigiration Systems Pressure Measurement in Variable Air Volume Systems There are three types of VAV boxes: traditional, with reheat and fan-powered VAV. The traditional VAV box consists of a box with an integral damper and is controlled by thermostat. This is the most basic type of VAV box. A VAV with reheat also is built the same as the traditional VAV, but it contains an electric coil designed to reheat the air when the damper reaches a predetermined position. This feature allows heating in the specific zone instead of having to heat the whole building. Brochure - HVAC...

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Brochure - HVAC and Refrigiration Systems Brochure - HVAC and Refrigiration Systems Pressure Measurement in HVAC/R Systems and Chillers HVAC is the technology incorporated for indoor and vehicular environmental temperature comfort control systems. The HVAC system design is a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Considerations in design and selection of HVAC systems include performance, efficiencies, maintenance, and product life cycle along with environmental impact. HVAC is important in the design of medium to...

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Brochure - HVAC and Refrigiration Systems Brochure - HVAC and Refrigiration Systems Kavlico Pressure Sensor Products for HVAC & R and Chillers PTE5000 / PTA5000 - Thin Film Pressure Sensor P528 - Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor Pressure Ranges Pressure Ranges Electrical Connection DIN 175301-803 A, M12/4p, GDS307, Packard Metri Pack 150 Electrical Connection Packard Metri Pack 150 Pressure Connection 7/16”-20 UNF-2B (female) SAE J1926/1 (modified) w/ 45° cone and Schrader (for pressure range 006 - 060) 7/16”-20 UNF-2A (male) SAE J1926/2 (modified) w/ 45° cone G1/4A DIN 3852-E G1/4A DIN 3852-A Housing...

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Committed to Innovation Committed to Premium Qualtity Kavlico Pressure Sensors offers state-of-the-art pressure sensing and signal treatment technologies innovatively packaged to fit the highest quality requirements in the harshest environments. Designing and developing pressure sensors for mission critical applications is our focus and specialty. Our strength lies in our ability to apply one of Kavlico’s innovative sensing technologies to meet an application specific requirement and provide perfect package expertise to adapt to customer specifications. Kavlico offers multiple pressure sensing...

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Sales Offices Worldwide Americas Brazil Mexico USA Europe England France Germany Italy Netherlands Spain Sweden Russia Asia Pacific China India Japan South Korea Your local sales contact: c O) ‘co © Q c _o 0 O © 2016 Kavlico, a brand of Sensata Technologies. All rights reserved. Kavlico's General Terms & Conditions apply and can be found on our website Sensata Technologies

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