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FURNITURE FOR ENTRYWAY, LOBBY AND WAITING ROOM What matters most is a grand entrance

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About us: ALLHALL is a manufacturer of furniture for for a widely understood entrance area: entryway, lobby and waiting room. It is the perfect response to the growing demand in such a specific product category. We keep seeking new solutions to meet the changing needs of our Customers. We offer: ALLHALL furniture is the richest offer of furniture for entryways in the market. Our products allow easy matching and provide ample opportunities for arrangement. They are distinguished by functionality, innovative technology and attractive, versatile design. High quality standards guarantee comfort...

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COAT TREES UMBRELLA STANDS NEWSPAPER RACKS HIGH -Q is a series of furniture inspired by the sophisticated simplicity of Japanese haiku poetry. Aesthetic form and top quality materials make a unique collection of designer furniture for connoisseurs. stainless tempered steel glass wenge veneer

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TWIST PLUS Collection - bodies of painted steel sheets, doors of molded plywood. TWIST Plus Collection is an extended line of TWIST Collection. It is characterized by mild, yet modern design and innovative technology. TWIST Plus furniture is manufactured from molded plywood consisting of different types of wood and colored with high quality wood stains. The steel ferrules are covered with powder coatings. ROTATING WARDROBE WOOD VENEERS KEY CABINET TPS 1    TPS 1 G graphite    gray    white An alternative finish for the chest of drawers tops, rack and shoe cabinets: milk glass. Furniture...

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TWIST furniture are made of molded plywood consisting of different kinds of wood and colored with high quality stains. The steel ferrules are covered with powder coatings. An exceptional item in the offer of ALLHALL is the version of TWIST Plus collection with the doors painted with white lacquer and mill edges revealing the natural wood color. TIP-UP SEAT ROTATING WARDROBES WOOD VENEERS TWIST Plus with the doors coated with white laminate and mill edges. Optional finish tops of chests of drawers and shoes cabinets: white-washed glass. Furniture symbols with glass tops end with letter “S”,...

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Tip-up seat is a seat long known in the theater and cinema halls. Attached to the wall, most often in compact entryways, has all the advantages of a chair, but does not occupy space on the floor, which makes it easy to keep the floor clean. TWIST furniture are made of molded plywood consisting of different kinds of wood and colored with high quality stains. The steel ferrules are covered with powder coatings. WOOD VENEERS LACQUERS beech    oak    white wenge    natural    natural TIP-UP SEAT    CHEST OF DRAWERS    Note: the shoe cabinets may have profiled tops.    SHOE CABINETS    HANGERS...

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MODULO CABINETS Modular Cabinets ALLHALL MODULO is a unique offer in the market - rotating cabinets combined into functional sets. We offer three different lines: HOME Modulo manufactured from steel sheets, STRIP Modulo produced from chipboard and TWIST Modulo made from molded plywood and metal. Cabinets can be freely arranged within the same collections, both in terms of the modules and the equipment as well. MODULO STRIP full color card STRIP on page 20 MODULO HOME full color card HOME on page 30 The illustration shows wenge beech MODULO TPM 4. MODULO TWIST Plus full color card TWIST Plus...

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SLIM is a series of furniture designed for rooms of even extremely small surface - racks and shoe cabinets are only 15 cm deep. Shoe cabinets hung on the wall and rotating cabinets supported on one leg facilitate cleaning of the floor and the two widths (54 and 76 cm), as well as a large selection of colors allow arranging of every entryway. SLIM in the WOOD version is produced from veneer chipboard. WOOD VENEERS SLIM ROTATING WARDROBES appletree plumtree SLIDING DOORS WARDROBES

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SLIM FLASH HE COLLECTION OF SLIM FLASH INCLUDES ALL THE FURNITURE OF SLIM SERIES (pages 12-15 of this catalog). Slim in the Flash version is made from high-gloss lacquered MDF. The SLIM FLASH furniture symbol ends with letter “F”, e.g.: SLW 15 F LACQUERS SLIM FLASH SLIM FLASH collection covers all the furniture pieces of SLIM collection. SHOE CABINETS SLIDING DOORS WARDROBES ROTATING WARDROBE

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WOOD VENEERS STRIP SEATS STRIP walnut appletree plumtree sonoma bright ginger dark SHOE CABINETS STRIP shoe cabinets have double racks

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STRIP Series is a greater capacity version of SLIM furniture, with increased depth. The modern design and a wide variety of the most important furniture for the entryway are the features that make it easy to arrange functional and stylish sets. ROTATING WARDROBES B P BP2 GP shoe cabinet /baskets - optional/ /baskets - optional/ /baskets - optional/ INTERIORS OF ROTATING WARDROBES STLS 25 SLIDING DOORS WARDROBES WOOD VENEERS STRIP appletree plumtree

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GRAFIKUS is a selected range of STRIP line models, made in strongly contrasted color - material: graphite bodies and doors of the most fashionable wood texture. WOOD VENEERS In 2013 The Graficus range recieved the prestigious award "Diamond of Furniture" SHOE CABINETS Shoe cabinets have double racks ROTATING WARDROBES SLIDING DOORS WARDROBES

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L'HOMBRE collection is distinguished by classic design, discreet elegance and a combination of durability of metal with the warmth of natural wood. We offer two widths of furniture and two finishing versions: - STANDARD: furniture fronts finished with standard veneer - PREMIUM: furniture fronts finished with wood veneer made of high-gloss lacquered MDF COMFORT: SHOE CABINETS AND CHEST OF DRAWERS ARE EQUIPED IN BLUE MOTION SYSTEM DRESSING TABLE L'HOMBRE shoe cabinets have double racks SHOE CABINETS LHG 11L2 54/40/200 LACQUERS FLASH PREMIUM BODIES black    gray    white    red LACQUERS FLASH...

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