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Light Sources - 28 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Optimal Lighting for Industrial Endoscopy STOTC KARL STORZ- ENDOSKDPE INDUSTRIAL GROUP

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Light up the darkness Cold light for illuminating cavities In 1960, Dr. Karl Storz invented the cold light source. Since that time, light has been generated outside of the endoscope and transmitted through fiber-optic light guides to minimize the heat generated at the tip of the endoscope. To ensure that the light generated by the light source is used as effectively as possible, most KARL STORZ cold light sources are equipped with a complex, computer-calculated condenser system that precisely focuses the light generated by the lamp on to the light guide cable fibers. The result is a considerable...

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The first cold light source from 1960 A light source, sometimes also referred to as a light projector, LED light source or cold light source, is a standalone unit that generates light through the use of powerful lamps or LEDs. The light is focused on to a fiber-optic or liquid light guide cable that connects directly to the endoscope or borescope which subsequently transmits light through its own integral fiber optics and projects the light into the inspection cavity. Light source types include LED (light emitting diode), halogen, Xenon, Sol-Arc and incandescent lamps. Light output A djustable...

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Light sources with LED technology Economical, durable, and efficient LED technology is rapidly becoming the modern day benchmark for illumination. KARL STORZ have recognized this and have developed a new range of LED light source units offering high performance, quality, durability and economy. The economy is due to the longevity of the lamp units. For example, at an average of 30,000 hours operating life, the KARL STORZ LED units offer years of trouble-free performance (as well as the inherent cost saving of replacement bulbs). For our customers, this longevity pays. At an average of 30,000 hours*,...

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LED light sources – a reliable investment Purchase costs Operating life of LEDs: approx. 30,000 h LED 150 W Operating life of halogen lamps: approx. 300 h Halogen 150 W The chart above shows the total cost of ownership of LED versus halogen light sources. Frequent replacements of halogen lamps result in high costs for materials, purchasing, and the installation and removal of replacement lamps. 5

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Portable light sources Battery-operated LED light sources The battery-operated LED light source is available in a conventional battery version or with a rechargeable battery. It features extraordinarily high light intensity of more than 100,000 Lux and produces purest white light. This unit also has a boost mode, which will increase the light intensity above normal operating levels for a short duration. Major advantages are the long life of an LED (up to 50,000 hours) and the run time of more than 120 minutes. The battery-operated LED light source is compatible with almost all KARL STORZ endoscopes...

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Technical data • Lamp type    LED • Color temperature 5,500    K • Designed in accordance with CE guidelines, RoHS-compliant • Compliant with standards 11301 DG Charging Unit, for two LED battery light sources, with fixed integrated power supply and adaptor for EU, UK, USA and Australia, power supply 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, suitable for surface disinfection, for use with: 11301 DE/DF Battery Light Source LED 11301 DH Holder, for mounting on a surface, for use with Charging Units 11301 DG, 8546 LE/LE1 and 8401 XDL 121306 P Photo Battery, lithium, 3 V, CR 123 A, for use with Battery Insert LED 8548...

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Portable light sources Adjustable battery-operated LED light source The universal design of the newly developed, battery-operated, high-performance LED light source allows it to be connected to all KARL STORZ borescopes, flexoscopes, and autoscopes (with diameters of up to 4.2 mm). The new LED light source can be individually adapted for optimal viewing and is therefore equally well suited for both left-handed and right-handed users. The very powerful 3 Watt light source features infinitely adjustable intensity control. At maximum light intensity, even large inspection cavities can be easily illuminated. Special...

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• Lamp type LED, 3 Watt • Color temperature 5700 K • Weight 126.8 g • Run time approx. 60 minutes • Meets the requirements of CE directive, ROHS conformity • Compliant with standards EN 50581; IEC 62471; 2006/95 EC (93/68EEC) Technical data (actual size) Set Variable LED Light Source including: Variable LED Light Source 4x RCR 123 A Rechargeable, 3 V, for LED light source Charger Unit, for RCR 123 A rechargeable batteries U

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Light sources – tabletop units TECHNO LED NOVA 150 The compact, high-performance cold light source TECHNO LED NOVA 150 delivers cold, white light that generates virtually no heat. The device is energy-efficient, noiseless, and does not require lamp changes since the LED module has a life of up to 30,000 hours. Its international power supply enables worldwide use. TECHNO LED NOVA 150, high-performance LED cold light fountain with one KARL STORZ light outlet, power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz color temperature: approx. 6400 K including: Mains Cord (Schuko) Mains Cord (USA)

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Technical data High-performance LED • Lamp type • Color temperature 6,400 K Infinitely adjustable • Light intensity 305 × 84.5 × 238 mm (w × h × d) • Dimensions 2.3 kg • Weight • Designed in accordance with CE guidelines, RoHS-compliant • Complies with standards IEC 61010-1, UL 61010-1, Can/CSA-C22.2. no. 61010-1, IEC 62471, IEC 61326-1 Mains Cord, with 90° angled connector plug, straight unit connector, US plug, l

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Light sources – tabletop units POWER LED 175 The POWER LED 175 is a high-performance LED cold light source. It has a life of 30,000 hours and therefore does not require lamp changes. The POWER LED 175 features cutting-edge LED technology and guarantees excellent, bright light. Its international power supply enables worldwide use. Cold Light Fountain Power LED 175 SCB, with integrated KARL STORZ SCB, high-performance LED lamp and one KARL STORZ light outlet, power supply 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz including: Mains Cord SCB Connecting Cabl

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