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Tool Management

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KN TOOL MANAGEMENT saving set-up time and reducing risks While offering the shortest grinding times in a production environment driven by demand, the focus also shifts towards reducing setup times as a distinctive factor in the overall productivity of equipment and machines. Aside of optimised set-up times machine concepts, KAPP NILES now offers intelligent clamping devices and grinding tools, which provide all process relevant input data within an integrated RFID data storage. Together with the saved time by rendering any manual data inputs to the machines obsolete and the elimination of faulty inputs risks, deploying the new KN Tool Management offered by KAPP NILES not only enhances the preparation of grinding projects, but also simplifies all steps along the way. The key component of this system is the KNextender which carries the KN Tool Management. The system extends every workbench with digital functionalities to manage clamping devices, dressing and grinding tools. The KN Tool Management offers its support already in the preselection and preparation of interchangeable components which are to be set up in the machine. Lean and intuitive processes are designed to cut down set-up times even further. The tool management system by KAPP NILES facilitates a striking reduction in set-up times as well as a decrease of faulty manual inputs. This substantial keystone of an intelligent machine according to Industry 4.0 is another step to raise productivity of the hard finishing of gears and profiles on machines from KAPP NILES. After the automated removal of the components from the machine, the KNextender reads the updated usage data, keeping track of the wear among other factors. In the preparation for following grinding projects the KN Tool Management gives recommendations to what specific component to use, should there be several same components. The recommendations are based for example on the chosen deployment strategy. KAPP NILES • Callenberger Str. 52 • 96450 Coburg • Germany • Phone: +49 9561 866-0 • E-Mail: • Internet: KAPP Technology Information 06 |d.w.v.m. | 08.17.EN During the automated set-up process, both KX 100 DYMANIC and KX 260 DYNAMIC automatically recognise the components and react accordingly, for example by computing axis traverse lengths thus avoiding any collision risks. Additionally, the machine tracks the wear of single components and warns, when a component will reach its given life span limit. The machine prevents a programmerestart, should any components be set up, which might have already exceeded their given l

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