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Portable measuring equipment | KNM P

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KNM P SERIES Portable measuring equipment for spur and helical gears, bearing rings and housings With KNM P series, KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH - manufacturer of the currently largest gear measuring machines (stationary or transportable) in the world - offers the first portable independent measuring equipment for larger gears, ring-shaped workpieces, housings etc. directly on the production machine or on the shop-floor. Ultimate independent measurement on the production machine or on the shop-floor without rotary table KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH • Daimlerstraße 17 • 63741 Aschaffenburg • Phone: +49 6021 58335-0 • E-Mail: info@kapp-niles.com • Internet: www.kapp-n

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The device is a new development based on well-proven technologies, as well as innovations and has been perfectly adjusted to customer requirements specifically for the independent measurement of spur and helical gears or ring-shaped parts such as bearing rings and also housings etc. directly on the production machine or on the shop-floor without rotary table. Its setup as CNC-controlled 3-axis measuring equipment permits determination of profile, lead, pitch and runout deviations on gears as well as general parts contours. Proven software for fully automatic measuring cycles is...

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