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CONTENTS KAPP NILES at a glance KAPP NILES pages 4 – 5 machine processes pages 6 – 7 KX pages 8 – 15 KN pages 16 – 19 ZX pages 20 – 21 WEISSER-KAPP MultiCELL pages 22 – 23 ZE pages 24 – 25 VX pages 26 – 27 ZP pages 28 – 35 RX pages 36 – 39 GAS / GIS / HGS pages 40 – 41 tools pages 42 – 43 service pages 44 – 45 metrol

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KAPP NILES is a global market leader in grinding machines and tools for finishing of gears or profiles. Complementing highly-accurate metrology makes KAPP NILES the best partner for production solutions. Around 800 highly-specialised employees represent the innovative power and the expertise of the company which has grown for over 120 years. KAPP NILES is the technology partner for companies from the automotive, aviation and compressor industries, from drive engineering, robotics, energy and wind power, exploitation of raw materials and shipbuilding. Machines, tools and technological...

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MACHINE PROCESSES your workpiece - our solution generating grinding profile grinding process combination external gears external profiles rotors cycloidal discs workpiece non-dressable tool internal gears dressable tool internal profiles ball screw tracks ring pins

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• generating grinding of gears • suitable for medium and large batch production • shortest set-up times and small footprint • pick-up concept • dressable tools • integrated automation system machine concept The KX 100 DYNAMIC and the KX 260 DYNAMIC represent a systematic further development of the technology already applied in the KX 160 TWIN multiple spindle design. The machine concept makes it possible to minimise the auxiliary process times and to reduce set-up times. The integrated loading function and the optionally available automatic changeover of the workpiece fixtures offer the...

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• generating grinding of gears • suitable for medium and large batch production • minimised idle time • 2-spindle concept with index table • dressable and non-dressable CBN tools • flexible automation system machine concept The KX 160 TWIN and KX 260 TWIN are designed on a shared modular machine platform with features specifically for continuous generating grinding with dressable tools. The short set-up times are especially worth emphasising in this efficient machine concept. The machines of the KX TWIN type are particularly designed for medium and large batch production of gears and shafts...

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• generating and profile grinding of gears • suitable for prototyping to large batch production • customised configuration • vertical machine design • dressable and non-dressable CBN tools • customised automation machine concept Based on a modular system in combination with the application possibilities of different tool and process technologies, user-specific, optimal production solutions can be configured. The following methods are possible: • continuous generating grinding • discontinuous profile grinding • combination of both methods Thanks to the flexible system and loading options,...

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KX 500 FLEX gear centre • machining of gears and special profiles • suitable for prototyping to large batch production • considerably shortening idle times • integrated index table • dressable and non-dressable CBN tools • manual or automated loading machine concept The patented KX 500 FLEX is based on a shared modular machine platform. Application-specific production solutions can be configured on this versatile machine utilising flexible process technologies, such as: •• ontinuous generating grinding c ••discontinuous profile grinding ••combination of both methods The KX 500 FLEX is...

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gear profile grinding machine / gear generating grinding machine • profile grinding of gears / generating grinding of gears • intuitive IKN 9n nd software with touch screen HMI • ideal ergonomics, all operator tasks within reach from floor • electrical cabinet attached for minimum installation time • shortest delivery time due to standardised machine concept machine concept KNeseries Through the KNeseries KAPP NILES offers users an inexpensive entry into precision machining in the field of gear grinding. Designed on a common platform, the KNe 3P profile grinding machine and the...

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precision machining centre • profile, bore and surface grinding in a single clamping • grinding machine for complex internal machining • complementary machining processes grinding - turning • assignment of tool and clamping device by RFID technology • robots or portals • precision application in robotics and aviation machine concept The KN 5C‘ is the ideal precision machining centre for complex internal grinding requirements within 100 - 440 mm diameter range. Especially gearings and function surfaces, such as drillings and plane faces, can primarily be machined by grinding in...

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• generating and profile grinding of gears • any application - from prototype to large batch production • manual or automated loading • cylindrical and conical external gears • more productivity for rail, print and energy technology machine concept The ZX series combines both, continuous generating grinding and discontinuous profile grinding, in one machine. Thus, a machine can be provided with high-end productivity, even for bigger gears and larger modules. On the other hand, the requirements for an outstanding flexibility can easily be achieved, too. For the highly dynamic generating...

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WEISSER-KAPP MultiCELL hard turning/grinding / gear grinding • finishing of gears • suitable for medium and large batch production • processing of reference geometries and gears • merging two processes in one cell • dressable tools • minimised automation expenses machine concept The WEISSER-KAPP MultiCELL is an innovative gear grinding centre for the highly productive finishing of gears. This integrated system merges the WEISSER hard turning/grinding process for finishing of the reference surfaces and KAPP gear grinding. Especially for medium and large batch production, this process...

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